Hi! I'm Phile@heart and welcome to my homepage. I, like most of you I assume, am obsessed or at least loyally watch The X-Files.Most of my stuff was shamelessly stolen from my phellow philes, mainly Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide.

I'm new at this,and my site is always under construction. Unfortunately, I have now decided not to have any episode guides, because there are so many great ones out there and frankly, I don't feel like writing them. I have all the transcripts, and as of yet few people have given me permission to post fan fic. I do have over 200 pictures up and am getting more every day. Some links don't work, and if they don't, e-mail me because I'll never remember which ones. Once again, MY SITE IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND IS ALWAYS BEING UPDATED. Now, if you'd like to complain about that, tough. I don't have alot of free time on my hands, and during the school year I have next to nil. But still, I thank you for the wait.

If you have any feedback, whether suggestions, comments, or constructive critizism, Mail me! [phileatheart@hotmail.com].

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Disclaimer: The X-Files, all characters, plotlines, quotes, ect. are owned by Chris Carter and 1013 Productions and 20th Century Fox. This page is in no way a replacement for the show "The X-Files" and is merely meant as an homage. I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned names and this site and the information herein is not endorsed or authorized. I'm not making any money, and everything found in this site has been shamelessly stolen from other fine sites. No infringment intended, all rights reserved.