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In the bustling city of Olongapo - once the site of the US naval base, an Amerasian drummer for a rock band and tattoo artist is caught in a deadly love triangle with a well-off matron who used to be a sex worker and her 20-year-old daughter whom she gave up for adoption in infancy. The young woman has come from New York where her foster parents have raised her to be reunited with her biological mother whose past subjection to a gang rape by five American servicemen resulted in the pregnancy.

Direction: Tikoy Aguiluz
Screenplay: Jose F. Lacaba
Cinematography: Romeo Vitug
Editing: Mirana Medina-Bhunjun
Sound: Rolly Ruta
Production Design: Ben Payumo
Music: Willy Yusi
Cast: Elizabeth Oropesa, Albert Martinez, Amanda Page, Ramil Rodriguez, Soliman Cruz, Pepe Smith.

1998 96 minutes color 35mm print from Viva Entertainment/Viva Films

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