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"Happily Ever After . . ." midi sequenced by SAL
Midi used by permission from The Wildcat

On to Atlanta to actually SEA (I have difficulty in typing the word "see") Raubyn and Chip. The meeting could not have been better and it seemed that we had always know each other. If anything the face to face only strengthened our ties. The four of us are bound by a common love of things Jimmy and have a mutual respect for each other - nay! We love each other! We truly are kindred's spirits and had a blast in Atlanta. Our desire for things Jimmy led to finding the band A1A. I found them on the Internet and had a link to them but had only heard small .wav files of their music. Well they had pre concert parties and we attended. By this time they knew the four of us and they sang "Off to SEA the Woodro", which is a take off of "Off to see the Lizard". Now the story becomes clearer? The ring was small at that time but we did meet a few members. One of the other staff members was there and he and his lovely wife. Gillie, joined us. I simply can not remember how I met Mike Nichols, the other staff member. I am sure I found him because of his Jimmy page but then Raubyn may have been the one, maybe he found us? I am sure he remembers how it came about? The friendship I have with Mike has developed so gradually that it seems we have always been close! I have a great excuse for not remembering or doing lots of things because I am the OLD parrothead! Regardless Mike, Raubyn, Chip, Billy, Donna and Michele are the staff. Over worked and NOT paid! Raubyn has a page on her site showing some of the foolishness that occurred in Atlanta. (Photos from Atlanta)

The next exciting thing that I was part of was the meeting at Murrell's Inlet, SC to SEA A1A and actually touch Donna and the former staff member and Secretary, Lisa. This too was fantastic and it seems that we had always known each other. I had finally met all the staff of the ring! Lisa even slept with Billy? She slept in the same shared motel room!! Then to Raleigh for a parrothead Christmas party and to SEA A1A and Lee Howard. Lee has sequenced several of the songs on our jukeboxes and performs Jimmy type music and is also a member of the ring. He and wife Bernice came over and we all (Donna, Lisa and her husband Ernie) went to SEA A1A and the next night we went over to Rocky Mount, NC to SEA Lee perform. Truly a memorable weekend.
(Phlocking in Raleigh)

Lisa and Ernie came down to Florida, visited us. Lisa resigned from the staff because of too many other conflicting duties. We went to SEA Jimmy in West Palm Beach (Lisa slept with me again) this past February and met Danny and his crowd. Long Danny story! (Jimmy in West Palm Beach)

Now the Danny story. I received email from Mike about Danny and his feelings about his daughter who died in a terrible accident. Mike has developed and maintains a site to the memory of Jennifer and the story is there. Just one of the many reasons Mike and I are such good friends. Danny and I live just a few miles apart but had no knowledge of each other - we do now! Story)

The complete staff (from New Hampshire), will meet in Atlanta later this month and have a party like none seen before. Many many other plans. All this is linked directly to the Internet! Sorry I got so carried away, like I said this is my first time to attempt to relate events as I remember. UPDATE! SEA the HOTlanta '98 Phlocking ~ HERE!

Jeff and Scott (A1A) have become personal friends and are truly a great Buffett tribute band. In addition to the above mentioned encounters we saw A1A at the Dancing in the Streets Festival in Stuart, Florida early last Fall and spent three days and nights with them in Key West last October. Donna, Raubyn and Chip spent this Memorial Day weekend at a festival in Knoxville with A1A, "Fingers" Taylor and the band St Somewhere. We are a bunch of crazies and we love it?? Without the Internet I would not have found these great friends.

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