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"Happily Ever After . . ." midi sequenced by SAL
Midi used by permission from The Wildcat

Raubyn, what about you and Chip? How did you trip across this motley group? What's your memory of the very beginning?

Chip & I sat at our miserable first computer (a Packard Bell - nuff said), during the last week of January, 1997. We finally figured out how to turn it on and then learned how to log on and type in words for Internet search engines to find info on. We found "FREE Webpages at Geocities" and we HIT the "Go To" button really hard :-)

We wanted to create a webpage for our beloved "son" The Woodro. We wanted this page to "immortalize" him in the event of his death. We knew that the average life span of Chinese Shar Peis is around nine years and Woodro was already six. But we also loved Jimmy Buffett thingies and scuba diving. We scratched our heads on how to combine the three. We figured it out: put a scuba tank on The Woodro and entitle the page with one of Jimmy's songs. We scanned in all sorts of images, typed alot of words - threw it all together and we were PROUD! We didn't care that the page was a yard long and took nearly eight full minutes to load - we had our OWN Webpage!

Well - we decided we needed to link to other Jimmy Buffett sites and one of the first ones we found on the Web was "The Old Parrothead". We thought - wow! I bet this guy is 99 years old - powers by a 12 volt and is really KEWL! We sent email to him, asking him to view our GREAT-YARD-LONG-EIGHT-MINUTE-LOADING-JIMMY-WOODRO-WE-MET-JIMMY webpage. We also added a link to him. Billy was very kind and patient with us. We thought our webpage was the greatest (hell - we often stayed up until 5:00AM on the weekends editing it - so it had to be GOOD). Billy advised us to size down some of our images, even remove some of them, etc. Thank you Billy!

We also came across another Jimmy Buffett page to link to: "The Widcat's Cave". We also emailed Mike and he was a godsend of HTML, graphic creation and signature file help. Thank you Mikey! During one of my emails with Mike - I asked if he knew The Old Parrot Head. He said he did not know him - but had been to his webpage. I believe that they may have emailed each other one time B4 this. Somehow, emails between him and Billy happened and the rest is history.

In February, 1997, Donna, The Southern Belle, already a friend of Billy's, gave our webpage it's first Award. Thank you Loopy :-) Billy convinced Donna to Manage & Create the Parrothead Webring. Yer doin' a swell job, Loopy :-)

On January 21, 1999 - I Raubyn took over the position of Ring Manager. Donna (The Southern Belle), is still wif us in Spirit :-)

Mikey, you and Gillie have been here almost since the inception of this group...... what do your memories hold?

Billy, Billy, Billy....

Incredible! This is something that should've been so obvious to all of us but none of us ever thought of it. A history of how the ring was formed and how you met the staff. Excellent job. It does seem like the memory is a little fuzzy about how you met the Wildcat though. Here it is as I remember it.

I had my Buffett page already posted on my server. You did a search for Buffett stuff. Don't know what you typed in the search engine, probably "Buffett"; but anyway, my page was one that came up. You sent me an email about my page. The thing I remember specifically was that I didn't have Crescendo on my page. Well, being you, you told me about it. Something like, "Get a life, download Crescendo." But, in that endearing, Billy way. You were the catalyst in my getting Crescendo on my page. About that same time, Raubyn contacted me. She asked me if she could link to my bamboo graphic on my page. Man, that seems like eons ago. And guess what...I ASKED HOW HER NAME WAS PRONOUNCED, since I'd never seen that spelling before. Know what else? She told me...heh...heh...heh...So I know how she got that name with that spelling...heh...heh...heh... I honestly don't remember which of you contacted me first but it was just a day apart if not the same day. That was nearly a year and a half ago.

Billy, this is a great chronology you've begun. And Lisa had a great idea to put it on a page as a history. Little things can have a great impact, can't they? One little question and now look at what has begun and beginning to take shape.

Anyway, that's the way I remember our first meeting. I also remember the first time I met you and Chip and Raubyn in person. A memory I'll not forget in this lifetime. Especially Raubyn. No slight to anyone else, but my first meeting with Raubyn was "different." I remember Chip said, "You're the Wildcat?" First words out of his mouth to me. Met Billy and Buddy first at Malone's in Atlanta (Hapeville). I recognized Billy from his picture on the internet. Told Gillie that,"I think that's Billy Peoples," as I looked out onto the terrace of Malone's and saw him and Buddy sitting and listening to A1A.

Well, that's is as I remember it. I remember a lot more, but those are the big pieces. Does this help?

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This history page created by ~ Lisa
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Images by ~ The Woodro

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