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All rights to "MAC" assigned to the Parrot Head Ring Staff

PURPOSE: This Parrot Head Webring was created to link webpages that have Jimmy Buffett or Parrotheadism as their main focus. Hey Parrotheads - you know what this means :-)

Requirements for membership

1. You are a Parrothead and or fan of Jimmy Buffett and the lifestyle he and others sing about.

2. You have a webpage which promotes Parrotheadism, Jimmy Buffett, his music and/or the lifestyle he and others sing about . Your site must be viewable with ALL browsers: Netscape, MS Internet Explorer and AOL.  YOU MUST MAINTAIN A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS AND YOU MUST HAVE A VIABLE URL!

3. Your page MUST project your love of the Island/Parrothead/Buffett music and lifestyle. We want people to go to your page and have a feeling of having been to a place where the owner is unmistakably a Parrothead and or is a fan of Jimmy Buffett. Your page may have images of or text describing how the music or lifestyle has affected your life etc.

4. Commercial sites, bands that play Island/Parrothead/Buffett style music and PHIP or Parrothead clubs are welcome, provided that, in the opinion of the Parrot Head Webring Staff, the product(s), service(s) or information provided would UNDOUBTEDLY appeal to a MAJORITY of Parrotheads and/or Buffett fans.

Suggestions for your page are:

-- Say something about how you enjoy the laidback Island lifestyle and/or music.
-- Say something about how this music makkes you feel.
-- Have Parrothead material on your page..
-- Have links to other Buffett/Parrotheadd pages.

----(These are only suggestions. The inclusion or absence of this material will not guarantee nor preclude membership. The biggest factor is ATTITUDE. Be creative! To gain ideas as to content and insight to parrothead pages - ride the ring and look at some of the member pages.)

To gain final membership, after your application, the PH Webring staff will look at your page and vote for inclusion or denial. The standard we will use is that your site must project the feeling that a visitor will have a "Parrothead experience". Not "Where's The Beef"!

The Parrot Head Webring staff will be happy to help you with any questions you have. Please don't hesitate to ask, if you have any. We want to include every applicant, but we want to keep the quality of the ring as high as possible at the same time. If you receive a denial, find out why, correct those reasons and re-apply. WE WANT YOU!

We take pride in the Parrot Head Webring. We occasionally surf member's web pages for Quality Assurance. All sites must have the ring code/graphics on their member page or a viable and clearly distinct link to the ring code site. And, of course, the site contents should continue to reflect the owner's love for Parrotheadism and that lifestyle. If a member's site has changed its main focus so that it is no longer reflective of the Parrot Head Webring's main objective, has removed the Parrothead Web ring code, does not have a valid URL or viable email address they will be deleted from membership. Don't worry - we'll tell you if that happens to you.

How to Join the Parrot Head Webring:

Here are the steps that need to be followed to join The Parrot Head Webring.
Please follow them closely to preserve the integrity of the Webring!

The Parrot Head Webring does not condone the illegal use of trademarked or copyrighted material!

Fill out the Membership Application to register your site. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you remember your Site ID Number and Password!! NOTE: This step will ONLY put your page in the Parrot Head Webring Queue Database, where it will remain until you are added to the Webring -- it does NOT add your site to the Webring! The Parrot Head Webring Manager must hit the add site button in ring management before the HTML code will be fully functional.

Once you complete the Membership Application, you will be sent the HTML Code Fragment for your page. Below are samples of a Blank Code Fragment. The default code that will be sent to you is Option 1 below. You may substitute Options 2 or 3, or create your own as long as the HTML Code fragment lines for your site are correct.

You MUST save the ring graphic(s) and upload to your own server/provider!
Save a copy of any of the Parrot Head Webring graphics you see on the Graphics page or below. You are welcome to create your own graphics. (In fact, send us your versions to include on the graphics page.) Just remember to change the graphic dimensions in the HTML code for the Webring. The first code option has two images: the one on the left is phwebringlogo.jpg and the one on the right is phwebringnext.jpg. The second code option has one graphic called phlogo3.jpg. (NOTE: Please do not link to the graphics on this Yahoo!/Geocities' server. Thank you.)

Once you have posted the HTML Code Fragment to THE PAGE YOU SUBMITTED FOR CONSIDERATION, and are ready for a vote, send an email to the Parrot Head Webring Manager. Be sure to include the SITE ID NO. and URL in the body of the email.

Your page will then be reviewed to make sure your site meets the requirements and has the correct Parrot Head Webring HTML fragment on the page. The HTML code will not be fully functional until the add site button is activated by the ring manager.

YOU WILL HAVE 21 DAYS... to post the Webring HTML Code Fragment to your page and qualify for membership. Sites remaining in the queue for longer than three weeks (21 days) without adding the Webring HTML Code Fragment and notifying the Parrot Head Webring Staff to COMMENCE VOTING will be deleted automatically without further notice. Those sites must resubmit the appropriate information and receive a new site id number to be added to the queue again for review.

After your webpage is reviewed and everything is correct and approved, you should then receive an e-mail telling you you've been added. At this time your ring code will be fully functional!

Sample Code Fragments

Homestead users must use Option 3 (text only) below, due to problems in image alignment when using other options.

HTML Code Option #1:

(Change the references to;id=_____... so that the id= is followed by your Site ID number. For example, if your site ID is 123, the href should be something like;id=123.... Change the e-mail address and name so that they are your own.)


<!--BEGIN PARROT HEAD WEBRING FRAGMENT--> <table border="5" bgcolor="#ffffff"> <tr> <td align="MIDDLE"><a href=";action=home" target="_top"> <img src="phwebringlogo.jpg" width="211" height="171" border="0"></a> </td> <td align="MIDDLE"> <center><br> <b><font size="2">This <a href=";action=home"> Parrot Head Webring</a> Site<br> is owned by<br> <a href="mailto:Your@email.address">(Your Name)</a>.<br> Click for the<br> [<a href=";id=___;action=prev" target="_top">Previous</a>] [<a href=";id=___;action=rand" target="_top">Random</a>]<br> [<a href=";id=___;action=next5" target="_top">Next 5</a>] [<a href=";id=___;action=next" target="_top">Next Site</a>]<br> Go here for <a href=";action=home" target="_top">information</a>. </font></b></center></td> <td align="MIDDLE"><a href=";id=______;action=next" target="_top"> <img src="phwebringnext.jpg" width="211" height="171" border="0"></a> </td> </tr> </table> <!--END PARROT HEAD WEBRING FRAGMENT-->

It will look like this:

This Parrot Head Webring site
is owned by
(Your Name).
Click for the
[Previous] [Random]
[Next 5] [Next Site]
Go here for information

HTML Code Option #2:

(Change the references to;id=_____... so that the id= is followed by your Site ID number. For example, if your site ID is 123, the href should be something like;id=123...)

<!-- BEGIN PARROT HEAD WEBRING FRAGMENT --> <CENTER> </font></font> <TABLE BORDER=8 CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 BGCOLOR="#ffffff"><TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER" COLSPAN=1 ROWSPAN=1> <br> </font> <A HREF=";action=home"> <font face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">_________Your Image Goes Here_________</font></a> <font face="Arial,Helvetica" size="1"> <p> <FONT FACE="Arial" COLOR="000000" SIZE="3"> <STRONG>Click for the<BR> [<A HREF=";id=___;action=prev">Previous</A>] [<A HREF=";id=___;action=rand">Random</A>]<BR> [<A HREF=";id=___;action=next5">Next 5</A>] [<A HREF=";id=___;action=next">Next Site</A>]<BR> Go here for <A HREF=";action=home"> information</A></STRONG></FONT>.</p> </font> </TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <!--END PARROT HEAD WEBRING FRAGMENT-->

It will look like this:

The Parrot Head Webring

Click for the
[Previous] [Random]
[Next 5] [Next Site]
Go here for information

HTML Code Option #3:
This is a text-only code option that can be used for commercial or club sites that have a limited amount of space, and for users of WYSIWYG editors, as in Homestead. Use this sample as a basis for your code, adding font attributes to suit your needs.

(Change the references to;id=_____... so that the id= is followed by your Site ID number. For example, if your site ID is 123, the href should be something like;id=123...)

<!--BEGIN PARROT HEAD WEBRING FRAGMENT--> <CENTER> Parrot Head Webring: <A HREF=";id=___;action=prev">Previous</A> | <A HREF=";id=___;action=next">Next</A> | <A HREF=";id=___;action=rand">Random</A> | <A HREF=";id=___;action=next5">Next 5</A> | <A HREF=";action=home">Info</A> </CENTER> <!--END PARROT HEAD WEBRING FRAGMENT-->

It will look like this:

Parrot Head Webring: Previous | Next | Random | Next 5 | Info

That's it!

You should now be able to navigate the entire Webring by clicking "Next" until to make it back to your own page (after your site is added to the ring, that is).

Are you ready? Then let's go! Click on "Membership Application" below to get started!!

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