Currently I have two versions of this song. Both of them are off of WOW CD's

Read the description of the song and decide what one you would like to download, or download both if you like.

To download. Right click on the CD Cover and choose Save Target As.


Average Quality. This cd had many scratches. Although recovery of the file was somewhat successful and the song sounds much better than it did before. It still has some glitches in it.

Recorded version sung by Kathryn Scott

File Size: Approx 7.2 MB

Song Length: Approx 6:16


Better Quality MP3 as this cd didn't have many scratches in it. Despite the fact that the cd was almost totally scratch free the MP3 might still have some skips in it, it depends on the quality of your sound system.

This is a live version sung by Michael W. Smith

File Size: 6.6 MB

Song Length: Approx 5:44


Created: 1/30/2003 @ 2:00 PM
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