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        Welcome to my sanctuary. I know, I know, the decor isn't what you're used to, but I think it's a little fun to be full of surprises. I can just hear you.. (Oh my GOD!! She actually DOES have a tender side!!). Yes I do have a tender side, believe it or not, and it's all sirloin. (*rim shot*) Okay, okay, bad joke. But yes, I have a soft spot, and of course, it is the driving force of my very existence, my children(including our newest princess,Shaelyn Joann). All four of them. "Four?" you say? "I thought there was only two..." Well, guess what. *grin* That's why you're here, to find out all about my birthson, Evan , born July 3, 1997, who was placed in an "open" adoption.

        I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject of adoption. Why? Well, because *I* myself am an adoptee (bi-racial) as well as a birthmother. The following pages explain it all: all about the open adoption process and its advantages; links to other places on the web for resources, information and support; MY adoption and experience as an adoptee, the circumstances surrounding my birthson's adoption (including the story surrounding my daughters), and OH-SO-MUCH more (just try not to get lost, ok?) ... This is my story, and yes, believe it or not, you will find that truth IS certainly stranger than fiction....

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Birthparent's Bill of Rights
  • We have the right to dignity and respect.
  • We have the right to know if our surrendered child is alive and well.
  • We have the right to possess, surrender, relinquishment, consent to adopt, termination of parental rights and hospital records pertaining to ourselves and our child.
  • We have the right and obligation to provide full knowledge to our child of their origins, ethnic and religious backgrounds, their original name and any pertinent medical and social details.
  • We have the right to personal contact with our adult child, as all other humans. We have the right to update our medical and social history for our child.
  • We have the right to live without guilt toward our child. We have the right to give back or let go of any shame caused by our pregnancy and our child's adoption.
  • We have the right to love our child as all other parents. We have the right and obligation to show our feelings.
  • We have the right to become whole and complete people. We have the right and obligation not to violate the dignity of all people in the adoption circle and to carry our message to all birth parents who still suffer.

    ~ Author Unknown

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