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We purchased our new Kaufman and Broad home in 1995 in Hollister, California. Hollister is located about 60 miles to the south of San Jose. Hollister is a growing bedroom community for the Silicon Valley. In 1998, Hollister was rated in the top ten growth areas in California because of it's location and home prices.

The price ranges of Kaufman and Broad varies based on subdivision, time it was built, and how close it is to the Silicon Valley. In 1995, a sixteen-hundred (1600) square foot Kaufman and Broad home in Hollister sold for about $180,000. The same Kaufman and Broad home today sells for about $270,000. In 1995, the price difference between a Hollister Kaufman and Broad home and Gilroy (20 miles to the North) a Kaufman and Broad home was about $60,000 less. The price difference drives many people to purchase a new Kaufman and Broad home in Hollister.

Kaufman and Broad in the last 10-years have built several subdivisions in Hollister and the surrounding communities. The architectural design of Kaufman and Broad homes in the area change from subdivision to subdivision.

This is a photo of a Kaufman and Broad home similar to mine.

 Kaufman and Broad Home


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