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This Christmas page is intended to provide teachers of Modern Languages with useful links to resources for the holiday season. I hope that you find it useful. There is lots to do here. This page will be maintained throughout 2005. Many of my pages including this one have seasonal music playing - so why not put on your speakers, sit back and enjoy! And Season's Greetings to you and yours!

While you are here and before you cursour on try Pete's Chasse au Trťsor de NoŽl. Also try Pete and Ruth's Spanish Caza del Tesoro. Please try Pete's Weihnachtsschatzsuche. These activities will enable you to take your students of French, German and Spanish to the computer lab and explore the links on this page in more depth.

Chasse au trťsor de NoŽl Caza del Tesoro Weihnachtsschatzsuche

Try some of Pete's activities and puzzles for the French, German and Spanish class by clicking on the link below. Please feel free to use them out in your class. C'est mon cadeau de NoŽl ŗ vous! Click here on:


I will be adding more activities to this site as 2006 continues so please return!

I composed this poem a few years ago.

The bilingual 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

If you enjoyed this site then please drop by my Valentine, Easter and Halloween pages which supply teachers of Modern Languages with holiday links to "things" linguistic, cultural, musical and fun.

Valentines - Easter - Halloween

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How Merry Christmas is said around the world
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year around the world
Christmas in Sign Language
A-Word-A-Day Gift Subscription (Free) A great gift for under the tree.
History of Santa Claus
Christmas recipes from around the world
Christmas Celebrations Around The World
The Christmas Trivia Quiz
Midi Files of Christmas Carols
Christmas Carols
Silent Night - in various languages
Christmas Juke Box
Christmas in Eastern Europe
CVC Christmas Page
Christmas Around The World
Advent Calendar

Christmas in Finland
Finnish Christmas

Fun and games for the French class - by Pete
Traditions de NoŽl en France et au Canada
Les Recettes de NoŽl
Les lumiŤres de NoŽl au Canada
'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Pete's version!)
Cartes virtuelles NoŽl
PŤre NoŽl
Historique du PŤre NoŽl
Histoire et traditions de NoŽl
NoŽl en Alsace
NoŽl en Provence
Les Cantiques de NoŽl
Chants de NoŽl
Comptines et chansons pour le temps de NoŽl
Cantiques de NoŽl
Les Traditions du Temps des FÍtes
Lťgendes de NoŽl
Chansons de NoŽl
Proverbes et fÍtes religieuses
Les rois mages
Joyeuses FÍtes
NoŽl au Moyen Age
NoŽl aux Antilles franÁaises
Le Marchť de NoŽl ŗ Bulle
Venez fÍter NoŽl
Histoire du Dindon
Les sapins et le recyclage
NoŽl sous le genet isolť

Les Marchťs de NoŽl
Les CrŤches
Mythe et Origine de PŤre NoŽl
Timbres de NoŽl
La Maison du PŤre NoŽl
La BŻche de NoŽl - histoire
La BŻche de NoŽl - recette
Les LumiŤres de NoŽl
Saint-Nicolas ŗ Bulle
Le village de NoŽl de LiŤge
La Page de NoŽl
Les prťparatifs de NoŽl
Traditions de NoŽl ŗ travers
le monde

La FÍte de NoŽl en Allemagne
L'ťquipe Globe Trotter vous
souhaite ....

Autour Du Monde
Envoyez vos voeux de NoŽl
NoŽl tcheque
Le Bureau de Poste de PŤre NoŽl
Le dernier Arbre de NoŽl
Bienvenue sur le Rťseau du PŰle-Nord.Net
Recettes de NoŽl
C'est dťjŗ NoŽl
Les p‚tisseries
La TourtiŤre
Encore de la toutiŤre

Ullis und Petes Weihnachtsspiele
The Sound of Silence
Musik zu Advent und Weihnachten
Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht. (Geschichte eines Liedes)
Herr Zahns supertolles deutsches Liederbuch
Ja, Verginia, es gibt einen Weihnachtsmann
Dresden Stollen
Rund um Weihnachten
Zitate Łber Weihnachten
Wie die Stars Weihachten verbringen
Christkinds und Santa Claus Weihnacht 1999

Christmas in German Europe
The story of Stille Nacht
Krippen im Internet
Wissenwertes rund um Weihnachten
Weihnachten in anderen Lšndern
Weihnachten im Internet
Weihnachten in Deutschland
Der Salzburger Christkindlmarkt
Christkinddorf Himmelpforten
Wiener Adventzauber
Weihnachten in Norwegen
Die Weihnachtsgeschichte
FrŲhliche Weihnachten
Advent und Weihnachten
Robert Shea's Christmas links
Epiphany - Three Kings
Links to Stille Nacht
Frohe Weihnachten

Christmas Traditions in Holland
Christmas in the Netherlands

Christmas in Poland
Polish Christmas in the Polar Regions
Christmas in Poland - Christmas Feast
Polish Christmas Tradition Pages
Send Polish Christmas Card over the Internet

Tradiciones Navidenas
El niŮo del tambor
La Vispera de Navidad
Mexican traditions for Christmas
Mexican Christmas traditions
La pŠgina navideŮa
La Navidad en Australia
Christmas in Yucatan
Las Navidades
El ķltimo Šrbol de Navidad
Christmas Fiestas and Celebrations in Spain

Christmas in CyberSpain
El Arbol de Navidad
La historia de la Navidad
Mi Pagina de Navidad
Noche de Paz
La cena de Navidad
Roscon de Reyes
La noche de reyes
Navidad Latina
Christmas in Spain

Welsh Cultural Traditions
Joyeux NoŽl
Christmas Around The World
Christmas in Italy
Swedish Christmas traditions
Swedish Christmas Chemistry
Prince Edward Island: Christmas on the Island
Christmas in Hawaii - Mele Kalikimaka
Christmas in Slovakia
Slovak Christmas Traditions
Yule in Iceland
Christmas in Australia
Christmas in Jamaica
Ukranian Christmas
Christmas around the world
Santa's Favourites: Around The World
Reindeer of Scandanavia and Northern Russia
The many faces of Santa

Christmas Mysteries
The story of Silent Night
A Christmas Carol (words and pictures)
'Twas the night before Christmas
Child's Christmas in Wales
Christmas poems from the English Renaissance
The Oxen by Thomas Hardy
Christmas at Sea by Robert Louis Stevenson
Again at Christmas did we weave by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Holiday Stories Tennyson, Shakespeare, Wordsworth
King John's Christmas by A.A. Milne
Christmas Literature
The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry
Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
Christmas in the Trenches
The Little Match-Seller Hans Christian Andersen
Olive, the Orphan Reindeer
Creating Christmas A radio discussion of the origins of some Christmas traditions (Real Audio)
Twas the Night before Christmas - You be the judge!
Bippo the magic dog
Christmas stories and poems
Christmas in the classroom
Christmas traditions throughout the world
Christmas firsts
Santa's House
Christmas Haiku
Boxing Day traditions
Winter Festivals from Past and Present

Pete and Ulli's Christmas Games
Christmas games
Christmas Carol Quiz
Word Searches, Scrambles, Coloring Pages and Mazes
The WWW Grinch Quiz
Tic Tac Toe
Christmas trivia Quiz
Christmas Tree Maze Maker
Christmas tongue twisters
Christmas Hangman
Christmas Word searches
Name these tunes
Christmas mazes
Christmas Carol Picture Quiz Game

"And it was always said of Scrooge, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!"

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