Hello my friends. As I am sure you have all noticed the site has not been updated since January. And no, I am obviously not dead, I have just not found the drive inside me to update and work on the site, not to mention the time. It is summer now and I had planned to work on it again, but I have decided against that. I will be starting college this fall and I feel that if I did reopen the site I would just end up closing it again when school starts due to a lack of time. I understand that many of you out there enjoy this game and I do as well, so I do not want it to die completely. MMC will be two years old this August, two years! That is a long time and it has gone by very quickly. Do not think my love of Sailor Moon has faded, it has not. It is still among my favorite things. In any case, on to business. Several of you have expressed an interest to me that you would like to help if possible. Here is your chance. I wish to hand over the site to a person or group of people who are willing to run it. If you hold such an interest please click here to learn more. To all the members of MMC I thank you for you support over these years and months, it really has been fun. If anyone wishes to contact me just e-mail me at LadyChibiBunny@aol.com. I have also seemingly become addicted to Gaia. If you play it also and want to contact me, my username is LadyBunny. Hopefully MMC will reopen again soon with a new owner or owners. Thank you again very much everyone! Want to visit the MMC main site? Click Here!
~ Bunny (Owner and founder of MMC)