Pikes Peak (14,115 ft.)
Climbed:  August 1995, June 1996, and one more time but I don't remember when that was.
    Pikes Peak is the easternmost fourteener in the United States and needs little introduction.  It soars west of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area and is often the first peak seen when approaching the Rocky Mountains from the east.  Its colorful history has been told many times.
     Pikes is the southern Front Range's monarch and the highest peak in El Paso County.  Pikes has the largest elevation gain in Colorado.  The peak rises a staggering 7,800 vertical feet above downtown Manitou Springs in a horizontal distance of 7.25 miles.  No other Colorado peak can match that!
     Each year, thousands of people reach Pikes' summit by road, rail and trail.  People run, roll, ride, bike, hike, ski, camp, stamp, stomp and sell Pikes.  The song "America the Beautiful" was written on the summit.  (Colorado's Fourteeners From Hikes to Climbs, Gerry Roach)
I have climbed Pikes Peak three different times.  Twice on the Barr Trail (eastern slope) which is 13.2 miles one way with an elevation gain of 7400 vertical feet.  Once from the Crags (western slopes) which is 5.7 miles one way with an elevation gain of 4100 vertical feet.