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I am me. Well, that's putting it kind of vaguely I guess. What, you want me to elaborate? Alright, alright, I'll do that then. My name is Nathan, I'm 19 years and I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm still working at high school because I screwed around for the past two years doing nothing at all except dig my own grave. My "hobbies" are cycling, writing, and occasionally coding the odd Doom mod with the EDGE sourceport. The picture below, believe it or not, actually is me. Bow and pay homage…



Well. Long time no news, I know. No, I have not been doing much Lock and Load fact, I've done very little after getting all the graphics I need. Instead, I've been enhancing the scope of this page by adding a Games page with some reviews (only a few N64 games have been reviewed) of the games I own and play besides Doom and Daggerfall (which has its own page, too).


Excuse the mess, I just started re-arranging this page because I've decided to make it a general thing, not just Doom-specific. The Doom Page is still up though. I have done several game reviews on my Games section, and I have added the Bike Trip section because starting this year, my friend David and I will be hosting an annual bike trip. This year it's the Bruce Trail from Collingwood to Owen Sound.


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