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Real Life Weres

Author's Note

What I am about to address, is the issue of real life weres.
The weres who live and breathe in our day and age, that either move among society unseen, or move about and sometimes become "bad eggs" so to speak.
Over 90% of the real life weres, that I have encountered, only wish to live a peaceful life.  Just like anyone else.
Another 5% are confused and are angry about the way that real life weres are being treated, because we are viewed as the children of the Devil. 
Another 5% become so angry, that they go out and become the "cursed werewolf" of legend.
So try to keep that in mind as you read the text below.

An Explanation

These are the most basic shifts that are widely recognized by the were community as a whole.  Although some of these shifts often over lap, they are stated here as they are, due to the fact that this is an attempt put an often confusing and disputed state; into intellectual terminology for the layman.  Shifting, as it is called, is a transition from the human state, to the animal state, utilizing molecular change of some sort.  No matter what the animal type may be, this simple principle always remains and is therefore the most basic of shifting.
In some places, in RL (real life), or on the net, the animal form is often referred to as the phenotype of a were.  The process of shifting is referred to as Therianthropy, a Latin word, that refers to many forms of  man and beast together. 
Personally, it is in this author's opinion, that although there is a need for the name of the study of weres.  This issue has become over complicated by vocabulary, and many were issues that are important, are being over looked. 
I will therefore be referring to the phenotype, as animal type, and therianthropy, as the study of weres.   That way, I will not be over complicating the issue with vocabulary and cause further confusion for the layman.

Not all of the were  shifting types, listed below, can change form on the physical plain of existence that we call reality.
Although they cannot shift on this material plain of existence, that does not mean that they are not true were creatures.  Proof is harder to determine, in the case of non-physical shifters, but they shold not  be taken any more lightly than the physical shifter.  That would be an error of profound consequences.
Therefore, I have included them as well, to try to better define what the people known as weres, are capable of doing.
Another fact that I would like to include here as well, is the fact that some weres do carry physical traits in their human form, of their animal.  Society typically refers to them as freaks because of their unusual appearances. 
This often causes hard feelings that eventually well up into fits of unbridled rage and violence.  It is unfortunate that appearance even does matter, yet we live in a glamour age.  An age, where the perfect body is pursued with wild abandonment by all.
If you do have the marks of your animal in your human form, the only thing I would like to say here, is that you are very special.  I commend you for having the courage to live in this crazy day and age, that  we call life.
Know that it is not uncommon, and that their is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  I have run across many weres who have these physical distinctions, and it is completely normal.


Basic Shifting Information

Astral Shifting

These shifters often turn into their animal forms on what is known as the astral plain.  This s where they typically hunt, and roam about in their animal form.  Many astral shifters have psychic talents, and their forms are often seen as ghostly images, if they can manifest at all on the physical plain. Typically though, as in astral travel, they are generally unseen and pass without notice.  Yet like astral travelers, they can be sensed when they are in a room.  They also remember clear details in the room, and even could read from a book and tell you what it said, if they wanted too. They typically do not change form  on the physical plain.  They also remain human in appearance when they shift.  Which is when they are asleep, or in a trance-like state.

Attribute Shifting

Essentially, this type of shifting is a mixture of the Mental, Physical, and Aural Shifts, in varying degrees. (That is to say that one or two could could overshadow the other (s), or the repressed one (s) appear to be nonexistent) Unlike the types of shifts (being separated) noted below, this type of shift can give the attributes of any animal/spirit guide (s) (not necessarily that of the wereside, or your personal spirit guide) These attributes, can  be in the form of a physical (for example, strength). aural (senses), or mental (cognitive abilities).  Typically, this is a less common shift, that is discussed in were forums.  Although it could be due to the variety of abilities that can be used by this type of shifter.   These shifters tend to be introspective, open minded and have pleasant personalities as well.  They have some pysionic  abilities, and can use them to defend themselves with these abilities.  Although they have a lot of patience, and are not easily provoked.

Aural Shifting

These shifters typically change the form of their aura into that of their animal type.  Very rarely, if ever, will they ever show any out ward sign physically, that they are a were.  Although there has been some instances of wye color changes during the shift.  Only their aura changes, and when it does, most people sense it.  It manifests itself in the form of dread  or fear of the shifter, much like you would fear an animal that is a predator.  Who is about to strike you, or is stalking you. Most aura shifters have psychic talents as well, and will defend themselves with them actively. Author's Note: Most people follow their instincts  the common sense rule, if it's uncomfortable, leave.  Only a die-hard wolf-killer, or idiot would stay when this shift occurs.   Those who do not follow the common sense rule, often bully these shifters and reap what they sow.

Bi-Location (Re-Location)

This particular type of shifting is very rare, and often not discussed due to the mystery around it.  It is highly unpredictable in the beginning, and can be often confusing, even to the were who can do it. Until complete mastery over it is developed. This type of shifting allows a were to change into is/her animal type on the physical plain.  The difficulty of this particular shifting process is that the were often appears in a different place.  When the shift is completed, and this experience can be disorienting. Bi-Location: The human form is still in bed, and the physical form of the animal type appears in a different place. Re-Location: The human body changes shape into the animal type, but appears in a different location. Author's Note: Due to the fact that I have limited information on this particular type of shift.  If any one who passes through here, has any information they would like to add, please do.

Cameo Shifting

Cameo shifting is taking on the appearance of the animal form.  Yet according to a few accounts, the animal's abilities are not transferred in the shifted state.  Instead, it is the appearance of the animal only. Cameo shifting has also gathered a very nasty reputation in the were community.  For it is also known  as Skin Stealing, and Skin Shifting.  Which is accomplished through magickal rituals an the skin of the animal that the individual wishes to become.  Such as in the numerous tales of witches and sorcerers becoming animals. Of course, an animal must be killed and skinned, so that the animal skin can be used in the ritual. The majority of weres care about the environment and the animals that live within it.  Therefore they find this particular act highly offensive and wasteful. Author's Note: I personally do not condone this type of shifting performed by spell.  If I ever find any of you killing these precious, exotic animals, just so that you can brag about being able to shift.  I will hunt you down and kill you myself ! ~Banulf~

Dream Shifting

There are two types of dream shifting that has been widely accepted by the were community as a whole.  Lucid dream shifting, and Dream shifting is what they are called.  Most of these shifters appear totally human,  due to the fact that their shifts do not occur on the physical plain.  Instead, these shifts occur on a plain of existence known as the Dream plain.  It is a plain of shifting landscapes, and fantastic creatures.  This is where they roam, and hunt. Lucid dreaming is a state that occurs while an individual is awake.  Yet the perceptions of the individual are slightly askewer from  the real world.  It is akin to looking into a window, into another place. Lucid shifting is the interaction that occurs when your animal type roams on that particular plain.  Meanwhile, the human side is mentally removed from the physical plain of existence.  Dreaming occurs during what is known as REM sleep  (Rapid Eye Movement).  A period during sleep, when the subconscious  vents the events of the day. Dream shifting occurs while the were is asleep, and the majority of weres remember these shifts as dreams.  It is quite probable that this type of shift occurs during the REM stage.  Therefore, this is why this type of shift occurs, on the dream plain. The majority of dream shifters are quiet and open minded weres.  Some are also quite eccentric as well, due to events that occur on the dream plain.  Dream shifters are quite hard to provoke, for they possess a lot of patience.  Yet when provoked, they too, have the possibility of possessing psychic talent. These shifters will defend themselves if necessary, and should not be taken lightly.

Ethereal Shifting

This mysterious and rare form of shifting involves the were's ethereal body.  Which shifts into the form of the were's animal type.  The ethereal body is effectively and individual's energy body, which exists on a different vibratory level than the physical body.   Nonetheless, it is just as important as the physical body.  Ethereal shifters are able to separate their ethereal body, from their physical body once they have shifted into their animal form.  The animal form can interact with the physical world.  Hunting, walking, picking up objects, etcetera.  Others can also physically touch the were's ethereal body, while they are in this shifted state. In the interim, the physical body is left behind in the bed.  theses weres tend to also possess psychic abilities as well.  Although like dream shifters, they tend to be quiet, even introspective and thoughtful.  They are also very patient, and difficult to provoke.  Yet when provoked, they will defend themselves as well.

Mental Shifting

Mental shifters take on their animal type, mentally. They end up possessing the animal's mind, and they possess their animal's senses while still in the human form.  Yet they retain their human mind and rationalizing abilities while in this state.  Most mental shifters tend to be loners, or eccentric to most ordinary people and weres.  Although they appear to be the most numerous in the were community.  They are largely regarded as odd balls, weirdoes, etcetera.  This is due to the fact that society is only able to diagnose this state, as some form of mental illness.  such is a fallacy, that unfortunately is accepted by others, even within the were community.  Mental shifters also have the ability to possess psychic powers as well, which they use in conjunction with their animal senses, to defend themselves.  They can also attack others mentally, while in their were state. Unfortunately, many will under estimate a mental shifter, often resulting in tragedy.   Author's Note: Mental shifters are not insane, as many in the psychiatric field will attempt to tell you.  They are weres like any one else, and should be treated with the same respect and dignity.

Morph Shifting

Morph Shifting is a very rare and un-discussed form of shifting.  It is unfortunate that this is the case, for although many theories have arisen, most weres will avoid the discussion entirely.  It is the theory of Morph Shifting, that I will therefore state here.  If any one has anything to add, please feel free to email me and I will discuss it with you.  If your points are valid, I will be more than happy to put it up and you will get full credit for it.  The theory that I have, is that these weres literally transform, from human to animal, on a molecular level.  They would therefore possess only the animal mind, and no traces of the human mind would remain.  Which would make them highly unpredictable in nature.  It is also theorized that these type of weres would quite possibly be loners as well, and also very quiet.  Since the confusion that would occur from such shifts, would be very frustrating, due to the fact that remembering events in animal form would be very difficult, if not disheartening.

Phantom Shifting

Phantom Shifting is one of the most frustrating forms of shifting.  Much like the Phantom Limbs Syndrome, this form of shifting tells the mind and body, that aspects of the were's animal type is there physically.  Yet the physical body never changes in any way.  Mentally, this form of  shifting is very taxing and often upsetting.  For the were strongly wants to have he form, that the body says that it does not have.  Which is very upsetting to these types of weres.  Who often refuse to discuss it, due to the fact that even other weres would regard them as insane, or idiotic.  These weres also often possess psychic talents as well, which can compound the emotional hardship already present. Most Phantom Shifters are generally easy going, quiet, yet very cheerful.  Yet they seem to always be nervous and shy as well, often seeking understanding and acceptance from others.  They should be given the same respect as any were, for when provoked, they will readily defend themselves.  They often are patient, yet they have firm beliefs as to how long they will be patient.

Physical Shifting

Physical Shifting is quite simply put, taking on all aspects of your animal type.  They also possess different variances of their animal, through controlling their change, to the animal form.  They are often very easy to get along with, and have pleasant personalities.  It is largely due to the propaganda of movies regarding the cursed were, that physical shifters have a bad reputation and are tragically hunted on sight, by real life hunters.  For these movies have given most people a fallacy to believe in.  These movies also cause physical shifters to have very troubled lives, from the lack of understanding that people are willing to provide them. Author's Note: If you think real life hunters are a myth, think again.  I have already lost a friend to this madness, so don't even think about calling me a fool.  I won't stand for it, they are out there, and any were that ignores a plea for help from another were in trouble from real life hunters is not only cruel, but heartless.  They are also probably a human in were's clothing. Take heed of my warning.

Projection Shifting

Projection Shifting is very rare, and is not widely discussed within the were community because it is rare.  Although it is theorized that  this type of shifting is much like astral projection.  Please refer to the Astral Shifter for an explanation.  Folklore has had incidents of projection shifting through out the ages.  Phantom wolves that could not be killed, or left no tracks in the snow, and were ghost like.  These tales may be truthful, and it is also theorized that this type of were would be secretive, and very quiet as well.  It is also theorized that this type of shifter would also have the same ability to be psychic as well.  Which they would most likely  use to defend themselves.  There are also a number of folklore and tales, that they do use talents, whilst they are shifted in their animal form.  If you would like to add to this, please feel free to email me, and I would be more than willing to discuss it with you.  If you have valid points, I will be more than willing to put the information up, and you will get full credit for it.

Sense Shifting

Sense Shifting involves the senses of the human body, changing to the senses of the animal type.  Yet the body can remain human looking in some instances, and takes on animal characteristics in other instances.  It seems to vary from were to were, and the reason why is still unknown.  This type of shifting typically displays itself through being able to smell like the animal types, or to be able to hear like the animal type. Sense shifting can also be displayed in a way that related is related to bi-location .  A were can smell odors, and hear other sounds, from very far away, through a bond with another.  Normally a close friend or relative, temporarily sharing the other's senses at the time.  Typically these weres are very sensitive individuals, even when it comes to the emotions of others.  For they rely on their senses so much, in their life.  They can also possess psychic powers as well, and they are very patient with others, normally offering to help those in need, when they come across them.  Yet they will defend themselves if need be. 

Spiritual Shifting

Spiritual Shifting is the process of a were transforming the spirit into the animal type.  The human body is normally asleep when this occurs, and the body remains in bed.  Whilst the were goes and roams what is known as the spirit plain.  A place of changing landscapes and other spirits also reside there as well.  It is here that the were roams and hunts. The majority of  these weres often look human in appearance, yet they can also possess physical aspects of their animal type as well. They are typically very quiet, often shy, yet are very likeable individuals who just want to be accepted by others.  They are also normally well versed in wisdom at a very early age.  They also have the ability to possess psychic powers as well.  Which they will use to defend themselves, if backed into a corner, with no other way to deal with the situation.  Yet they are also often reluctant to do anything offensives against another.  Due to the fact that they simply wish to co-exist in peace.

Totemic Shifting

Totemic Shifting is much different than other shifting, for it involves a different process.  It has been stated by Totemic Shifters, that many are often shamans, or are involved in me form of mysticism that involves contact with animal spirits. They call to the animal and invite them in, taking on the animal's senses and form, and all of it's abilities.  Totemic Shifters can possess psychic powers and are often capable of magick as well.  They tend to be a bit eccentric in their personalities and their behavior as well.  Yet they also are normally kind and very caring weres.  They also are capable of defending themselves if provoked, with their magick, psychic abilities, and their animal form as well.  Yet they are also very patient, and very loyal as well.

If you want to add to the list please E-mail me and let me know, at wolfpilot@shadowwulfs.com )

Also for more detailed or in depth information visit Banulfs Dream Cave. A website for werewolves and shifting. 


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