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Half were Half Vampyre

By Silver Flame,br> July 8, 2001

There are many of us, who feel the call of the beast, in many forms, such as the wolf, tiger, bear, etcetera. Over the centuries, they have come to be called as a race, weres. Yet there are some of us, who also feel the draw of the vampyre, who feeds on many forms and varieties of energy. We have come to know these creatures as Were Vamps. Often feared and shunned by both sides, no one has ever dared to write of them. For they are often considered abominations, flukes of nature, and this often leads to the were vamp becoming a very dangerous predator that kills without mercy. In many varied ways that frighten even the strongest were and the deadliest vampyre. Part of this reason, is that the were vamp grows up without guidance, like most weres and vampyres do. They are often born into human families, which often carries some form of were kin or vampyric stock in their bloodline. Unbeknownst to the human family, which may at the out set, love or not love them for whom they are. Fear is the worst form of ignorance, yet it is furthered every day, on the net, and in offline life. Yet the only way to dispel fear, is by taking the time to read, asking questions and writing articles for others who are looking for their own way in life to learn from. Instead of allowing ignorance to spread like wildfire, and consume everything in it's wake. The were vamp often encounters this form of fear though. From weres who demand that they help them to fight vampyres, to vampyres who make the were vamp into a waiting pawn, who struggles for guidance and mere acceptance in life. These factors often contribute to the loneliness that the were vamp already feels, causing a great deal of pain, suffering, and self-loathing. Leading often to suicide, depression, and an early grave for most of them. In order to understand the were vamp, this article will be broken up into subsections, covering questions as they come to mind. If you have an open mind as you're reading this, you will learn a great deal about were vamps. If you do not, then the time is not well spent, and you should probably move onto other things that you should be doing any way. The author cannot cover all the questions that everyone has about were vamps, but should you have any at all, here is an e-mail address for you to use: silverflame95@hotmail.com


1. What is a were vamp?

Were vamps are a bloodline mix of vampyre and werewolf DNA that has been contained in the human species for centuries now. It is due to the fact that humans have bred with both species and now carry the traits necessary for such a creature in their own DNA as recessive traits. The same applies to the vampyre and to other weres, who are also born from the human bloodline.

2. Can were vamps shape shift?

Yes they can perform all of the shifts. Provided they have taken the time to learn and perfect the skill with their own natural abilities. Just like any other shifter.

3. What do were vamps eat?

Mostly they eat everything a human does, except for the fact that they have to include some form of raw meat, or protein rich source of food in their diet. In the beginning, they most often unconsciously feed off of energy, later on, some often become blood drinkers, to take care of their need for that source. Although, only a small amount of blood is ever needed, and animal blood from a butcher or even a grocery store can be used instead of feeding off of donors. The down side to that, is when the need is present for energy and blood, and then often it is best to feed off of a donor, instead of dead sources, which give off very little energy, like slaughtered animals. Some do drink blood off of a donor, and still eat raw meat, they are, after all, part were, and part vampyre, so often the needs mix together a lot and must be cared for in the same ways as you would for a full blood.

4. Do were vamps have a vampyre's weaknesses?

It depends on how the blood is, genetics wise. In some cases, some do get sunburn easily, in others, they don't. That is caused by too much exposure to the sun, not because of some stupid curse, that they are afflicted with. Garlic, silver, running water, holy water, holy symbols, churches, and priests, do not, afflict them badly, except when priests get into a were vamp's face and call them the children of the devil. That's the only time, that it gets a bit messy for the priest, who may end up in the hospital for a week, or in tiny pieces. Wolfsbane, is a poisonous herb. Yes, it kills anything that eats the blasted thing. Stake through the heart and silver bullets through the heart, will kill the were vamp, but it also kills humans as well. Were Vamps after all, are not undead demons that blight the land. Their just people trying to get along in life, just like any one else.

5. Do were vamps have a were's weaknesses?

Yes, silver bullets and wolfsbane, can kill a were vamp, as stated above in number 4.

6. Do were vamps get sick?

Chronically. Much like the vampyre does, although, they tend to get rid of it faster, due to the fact that they have the were regenerative abilities. Unlike the vampyre, who must practice certain healing skills to do so, that manipulates their own energy to heal themselves. Although a were vamp can do it too, provided they have learned the skills to do so.

7. Are they immortal?

Contrary to popular movie myth, and gothic role-playing games, vampyres, were vamps and weres, do not live forever. Instead, they age at a slightly slower rate than any one else does. They can also live slightly longer than the average human, much like the vampyre and the werewolf, who possess the regenerative abilities that a were vamp does. But this only extends the life span to possibly, 150, to 200 years in theory. No were vamp has ever lived long enough to prove this theory, yet there are instances recorded of werewolves and vampyres living this long.

8. So why do the others not understand them?

Were vamps are misunderstood because of all the hatred that has been fostered throughout the centuries between the other two bloodlines. They possess both the abilities, best qualities, and the worst qualities of both species. Facts that often frighten both sides, due to the fact that neither side knows enough about each other, to really make an informed opinion about each other in the first place.

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