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Other then being a big Pink Floyd fan, I like to have my kids try the N64 games before I shell out $70.00 for a cartridge. So As with my Pink Floyd page, here are N64 roms too. I also have the emulators that work with these games posted too. As with the Pink Floyd site, FreeDiskSpace allows me to keep my backup roms there. So enjoy and please, if you like the game, buy it.

5-01-2000:Posted the following roms: Bio Freaks, Bomberman Hero, Chameleon Twist, Clayfighter 63 1/3, Elmoe's Letter Adventure. The following will be upload tomorrow night: Robotron 64, Glover, Tarzan, Super Smash Brothers, Iggy's Wrecking Ball, Elmoe's Number Journey. Much more will follow as I get more NetDrive accounts.

4-29-2000:Posted Zelda 2!!!!!!!!!! Its in japanese, but functions with Nemu64 which are posted on NetDrive

4-26-2000:Okay, after complaints I have posted the following: Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap, Jet Force Gemini & others On a new server(they may be uploading as you look here, just check back)

4-9-2000: Uploaded even more!! Keep checking

Welcome to my personal page which holds a ton of N64 roms. These are on my own sites so they are not links to anyone elses pages. The only stipulation is you must sign up for a free site that lets you store 300MB of what ever you want. Its called FreeDiskSpace. No strings attached. Its private. You can get an account at: And when you do, there will be a block for referers number on it, use: U000E9B6D This will give me more space when people sign up, which means more roms can be posted. Whe you account is activated, click Here. The read password is: roms. Here you will find the following zipped roms. More will be added as I get them. So bookmark me, since you'll never see the dreaded "404 Website not found" error. And sign the guestbook. Thanks So, here are the roms you will find:

Hey, and sign the guestbook, if you don't sign, then I don't think I'm getting visitors. Thanks

New ROMS from 5-01-2000 can be found at HERE

New ROMS from 4-26-2000 can be found at HERE

If you can, get an account at and email the account name and password to: and I'll post more ROMS, the more accounts you give me the more ROMS I can post, and I have over 300 N64 right now.

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