Kyla's Diary

Well, you're right people, I have re-started my online diary. No, I haven't gone insane. Or maybe I have, and I'm just shittin ya. Nah. Why go through all the work? No, I'm just bored in CaPP class so ya. Diary is back, but it WILL NOT BE UPDATED VERY OFTEN. Be glad if it's once a month.


September 25, 2004 @ 7:15
I think I should have updated last night, then the post would have been interesting like Jay's ;) Well, as most of you know, we had Barry's party last night. Yes, it was fun. Yes, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I woke up this morning with some guy's necklace and no headache and all my memories. Except for how I got the necklace. And the one where I was making out with Mark when I was on top of Jay. How the hell did that one turn out? But there's another party tonight for the twin's 16th birthday. As you can see, I'm not invited. I hope they get Cheyba drunk and they see my name written on his chest in black permanent marker saying: "Great time last night ;) Love Kyla" Hope Dylan likes that one. Fucking asshole.