Ky's Buds

Ky's Buds

People who are my friends but I just haven't added them yet:
Andrew that hangs out with Barry
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Barry Wolfendon
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Miranda Smith
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Jessica Sallenback
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Roxy Jalbert
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Trevor Haslem
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Chris Fisher
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Riss Coburn
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Taryn Lissimore
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Me and Brad
Jay and Riss
Callan and Robyn
Eljiah and Jess who almost don't even count anymore

Yes, as you have read from the title and the link that brought you here, this is a page of my buddies. w00t! Gotta love it. This page is new and improved, mainly because I got lazy and didn't want to update my older one. Gotta problem? I don't care. HA!

JPaul... Ross

J, JPaul, Jay... it's all the same when you're talking about JPaul. I met him in... whoa, way back in grade 8 science class. He sat right beside me in Mr. Trotter's class. JPaul is sweet, cool, and he doesn't give a damn about what other people think. Or maybe he does, and he's just not letting on ^_~. Either way, meh. He gives good advice, though I don't follow it often, and whenever I don't I'll fight against telling him he was right and then when I finally do, he holds back from telling me I told you so. Not for very long, though. Just like every other girl in our group, I had a crush on him in grade 8 when I first met him, and likewise for him... he told me so. But that was three years ago, and he's become like my brother. I hold him close to me, and it always hurts when we fight -- even if it's about little things that don't really matter but when you get right down to it, the little things might mean the most -- because I always feel like I'm going to lose him. I don't know what I'd do if that happened. Go insane, I guess. No matter what he does, I'm always ready to forgive him because nothing he does could ever last forever. Well, it could, but I'd look past it after about a week of being really really mad at him. But it always blows over. I'm glad I have him in my life and I wouldn't trade him for anything. I luv him a lot, just like everyone else.

Ryan Saele

I've known Ryan since like the beginning of forever, mainly since he's lived three doors down from since like the beginning of time. We went through school together, through relationships -- though not with each other -- and we even went through that tough time when he was trying to show off to his gf of the time and he tried to mimic a Matrix move which ended up with him falling out of his dad's pick up truck. Man, those were good times. Ryan's pretty cool, I can always trust him and he's super nice when he's not being all pimpy -- which he brags about, by the way. I've had a lot of laughs with him and at him, but he moved to Thornhill before grade 11. Not like we actually hung out like on a daily basis, but it was nice to know he was always three doors down from me whenever I needed him. That was always nice to know :)

Taylor Bulleid

I've known Taylor for as long as I can remember, and he's the group's nice crazy guy that's quiet until you get to know him. He was born 20 days after I was and we have a pretty good relationship. Not boyfriend/girlfriend, but we're good friends and I can always depend on him. I hope... he's one of those quiet guys who will crack one day and go on a killing rampage if someone says "hi" to him. But that's okay. He's still cool. How can he not be, he's TAYLOR!

Callan Williamson

Hmm... Callan. Callan is interesting. I'm not afraid to me myself around him, or any of my other friends. He's understanding and I know I can depend on him. You may not know this, but me and Callan actually dated for a while. We weren't a real couple, I guess. We were only in grade 7. Callan's not afraid of his sexuality. I still don't know if he's straight or bi or what yet... but he's super cool and crazy and soooo fun to be with when he's hyper. Oh, Callan, if you're reading this... KERSMACK! HA! I WIN!

Connor Lansdowne

Connor's so adorable. He's super smart, and I can't believe he knows what he knows. He has all this property and he bombs around on these little 80's and 100's that Ryan crashed on his first shot... ya. He's super pokeble, so I bug him about that a lot. And he's cute ;)

Tony Nasz

Tony's interesting, just like all my friends. I met him I think in grade 10 when he moved up here because his mom is dating Nicole's dad. He is a funny guy to have around, and no matter how bad you're feeling, he'll make you laugh so you forget about all your worries whether he knows it or not. He's Nicole's stepbrother, but we all call him her brother, because One: it's easier to say and Two: he's a good brother. I hope he stays a long time in Terrace. He's soooo cool!

Elijah Mann

Elijah is... well, Elijah. He's super ticklish and a really fun guy just to be around. He can make anybody laugh or just feel comfortable where they are. Or maybe that's just me, but w/e. He's a pyro at large, so beware. He likes to light stuff on fire and he plays quarters with Robbie. Or he used to, I dunno.

Brent Mills

Brent is anorexic. Nuff said. And he hangs out with Elijah and burns stuff too. Stupid pyro.

Calvin Cook

Cal takes the bus with me and Chuck everymorning. He's crazy. And he can draw, and he can do these crazy graphics with the computer. He does these things for Lineage 2... ya. He's cool. Pokeble and Japanese. And he can draw.

Torsten McIntire
Toats is a guy I met in our Cinderella play. He's in grade.... wait, thinking.... oh yeah, 9, and he's cooler than like all the grade 9's I know. He's really nice and pokeble and movie-watchable-with and and... ticklish and hangoutable with and... pokeble... and and... ya. He pokes me back tho... he's so going to get it. A lot of my friends don't like him, but I think he's still cool.

The Spence Twins
I think Kegan's still my friend... I still consider him my friend. He's only dating my best friend, after all. Kegan's really cool. He jokes about a lot of things, which is cool. He's funny. I don't know if I can talk to his brother any more, I think he hates me. He doesn't talk to me, ignores me. Whatever. I think Kegan's still my friend... iunno.

John Ottens

John is one of the Thornhillians, and he's cool for a Thornhillian. He's fun to be around with and he's in band, like all the other Thornhill people I know. What's up with that? I dunno. John's cool. And now he's in Cal with me so I get to hang out with him even more! YA! He was in the band for Cinderella. ALRIGHT! He's crazy, just like all of us. And he gives us huge in-depth Christian talks. Oh, and he's Christian.

Andrew Johnstone

Andrew's crazy. Ya. He's so cool and huggable and pokeble, I think. Ya... he's crazy. It's cool he's in Cal now. w00t!

Justin... uh... Geir? ya. k.

He's pretty cool, I mean, he's funny and all. And I love his hair! Oh, and he's crazy.

Adam Keopke

Adam's pretty cool, I hang out with him every Friday. He knows practically all songs they play at Teen Swim, he talks to everyone on the street and he knows when all the buffets in town are open. And he has funny stories about people. OH! And he can do crazy accents which are soooooo funny. Ya. Adam's crazy.

Mathiew Majou
I have no idea whether or not I have his name right, but eh, you all know who I'm talking about: that crazy guy who likes to call Chris and pretend he's Callan while telling Chris he's watching him pee and he likes it. Ya. What a crazy guy. Chris knows it's him though... but you know, whatever. It's still funny.

Rob Crawford
Yes, that's right, he's the guy that crashed the Accelorated Reader in grade 10 and he's in my info tech class. w00t! He's crazy. But cool.

Dane Cameron

yes, I do consider Dane a friend. He's so cool, for a kid younger than me, I mean. He's crazy with a capital K and he has red hair. And he acts like a little kid, but please, who doesn't? He's among the many kids I taught in SDD 2004. And he's crazy, and a good actor. Hope he joins Youth TLT, cuz then we'd give him a good part...

Sean Floer
That crazy wacko pyro guy. Ya, he's pretty cool now that I'm not mad anymore :P Hope he comes up for my birthday! That would be pretty cool, actually...

Alex Vogel

Crazy. Cool. Enough said. GO ALEX! Matt Damon is hott... and he has a nice ass. We've agreed on this.

Josh... Federenko

Josh is pretty cool, for a grade 8 I mean. Ya, I taught him at SDD and he's crazy. Damn hacky sackiers. Leon Moffet

I met Leon through Josh. Leon's got all the drugs. w00t! He's pretty quiet until you get to know him, then he tries to steal your whipped cream. Crazy bastard. SDD Kids

K... Colby, Eric, Josh and James was pretty cool, they were in the July session... Taryn was funny and Stephen was pretty cool too. They were in August, so no pics for them. Blah. I'm not giving them a seperate little section because, well, they're crazy.

Brad Clarke

Brad's my boyfriend -- at least... I think he is... I'm pretty sure... but anyway, ya. He's from Thornhill and he bikes. A lot. That's what I get told. He's in my math and English class and ya... I'm lazy to type... um... what else... He plays hockey, which is cool. And... hmmm

Myles Anderson
Yes, that crazy Anderson kid... mofo... he has silver hair. What the hell's up with that?

Richard Stang
Richard hangs with Brad and Myles, so I hang with him sometimes too. He's pretty cool. For a guy, I mean.


Nicole Demers
I've known Nicole for....1...2... uh... a really really long time, and even though we've been through a lot of fights and we don't hang out much any more, I consider her one of my best friends just cuz she's always been there for me. Whenever she has something to say, she just says it outright. Gets to the point. No dodgin around the bush for her. She's pretty crazy, so you'd better watch out.

Charlee Nelson

NELLY! lol. Stupid theatre production class... anyway, Chuck is... interesting. She's crazy, just like the rest of us, and she's always talking to these crazy over sees people. She's cool, so are my other friends, and I've known her for a long time too. Don't ask me to tell you how long, because I'll forget after year 2. So um... ya... she's in Cal... she has red hair... she has glasses... um... she's crazy.

Stacey Zorn
Stacey is my Thornhillian buddy from Thorhill. We're in a lot of drama together, in and out of school and we plan to do a play for Youth TLT in the new season. She's crazy. And people get us confused... but w/e.

Randi Frasier
Randi is sooooo awesomely cool. She's seriously crazy, but we're all used to it. I think... ya. Ya pretty much used to it. w00t!

Ashley Frasier
In case you're wondering, yes, Randi and Ashley are sisters. Do they got along? Admiringly, yes. They do almost everything together as far as I can tell... Ashley's crazy too though.

Leah Wiffen

I'm getting lazy... um, Leah's cool, but she's damn crazy.

Amy Hawes