Hello, Dolly! Well, I must say that even though I was not apart of the cast for Hello, Dolly! I had a lot of fun being crew. I just have to get my hat Mrs. Macleod made for me... stupid coffee cans.

Anyway, the only thing on here are pictures. Enjoy them. I know I sure did.

R.E.M. Pics

A few of the waiters flashing the camera. Martin, Jay, Trevor, Adam
Ashley stuffing $10 in Adam's pants. Yes!
Mark saw us taking pictures, so he decided to come over and pose with Adam.
Awesome pic with the waiters, Mark and me, and then there's Martin holding Roxy up
All the waiters and Dolly
Underwear run. They were all running to fast, so I couldn't catch all of them. This one is of Mark and the back of someone else.
Another shot of the underwear runners. Dylan, Mal, Christina and Nadia.

Denny's Pics

Roxy looking sexy in Winterhawk's hat
Kelly, Riss, some dude, Mal, Nadia, Amirita, Alex, Randi
Roxy, Ash, Matt, Nikki, Charlee
Roxy, John, Sean, Trevor, Martin
Britiany, Sarah, Nadia, Ceille, Mere, Carly, Sam, Kelso
Winterhawk, Olivia, some chick, Adriene, Sara, Mark, Dylan, Kegan, Sam

After Party Pics

Randi and Charlee
Me and Dave
Awesome group shot by the bonfire
Dylan, Mere, Carly, Sam, Kelso, Jinder, Eric
Codie, Jinder, Laura, Evan, Eric
Mal, Barry, Kelso and me
Kelso, Brody and Roxy
Cam and Mere. I love this pic, it's so cute.
Mark posing on his bed for me.
Drunken shopping cart races. Alright.
More shopping cart races. I love this pic so much, it's so awesome.
Me and Mark. I wish this one would have turned out better, it's a really nice piture.
Drunken Callan dancing. Yay for Callan and his over-drinking. Gives us something to laugh at. Jk, Callan. We love you.