March Party Gotta love parties.

March 26 PARTY thingie

Truth or Dare Jenga

Jay taking a block. Will it fall? No, it didn't, but oh well.

Nicole taking a block.

Dylan had to remove an article of clothing and he wanted me to take a picture of him flexing his arm... didn't turn out so I took another.

Kegan had to armwrestle someone, so he picked Dylan, who was in his removed clothing article cycle of the game.

I can't remember what was said, but the twins started laughing during the armwrestle. Hmm.

Kegan picking a block.

Leah had to dance with a broom...

...and so did Calvin.

Nuff said


Dylan vs Callan

Dylan vs Callan cont. Dylan looks all calm and Callan looks like he's about to burst a blood vessle. Hehe.

Dylan vs Kegan

Dylan vs Kegan cont with Nadia poking Kegan's muscle

Dylan vs Kegan again... Dylan won. Again. Kegan kept complainging because his arm hurt after that. Poor baby.

Misc stuff

Brent and Riss downstairs

Leah sittin on Callan talking on the phone with her mom


Charlee laughin at something

Dylan plain gtar

Dylan on the couch drinkin some pop

Jess and Lij on the couch

Nadia and Charlee. Nadia looks cute and Chuck just looks weird.

A better pic of Nadia and Charlee...

Just some people downstairs.

Taylor and Brent walked into the living room and Brent has this look like "Whoa... a camera - OMG THAT'S A BRIGHT FLASH!

An awesome pic of Tony playin gtar