Summer Drama Days
Colby and Dane playing "Honey if You Love Me"

Colby and Dane playing "Animal Bop"

Colby and Eric playing Honey if You Love Me

Eric, Dane and me on Character Day.

The younger kids

Matt and Pooky reading

Me and Colby playing Honey if You Love Me

The older kids. Matt took the picture, you can tell. How? You can see his ducktaped sandles.

Me and Stacey on Character Day. You can see Devil Trish in the background.

My favourite shot of the older kids.

Older kids after performance.

Older kids costume day. The damn little kids picture didn't turn out.

Haha, I love this one. Look at Eric's face. It's awesome.

Older kids. Stacey took all these.

Older kids again. At break. Oh ya.

A cool shot of Rachel chillaxin.