Skool Yes, that's right, the time has almost come for school to begin. w00t. Go Cal. I now only have two years left of school, then hell really starts. Gotta love it.

So anyway, here's my schedual. If you're in any of my classes, email me so I can transfer as soon as possible.

Nah, just joking.

Okay, so... we have the block, the course, and the teacher, and then in bold are the people I have that class with. Oh boy.

1st Semester
A - English 11, Williams
B - Math 10, Chapman
C - INT11 (science?) Chapman
D - Theatre Production, Parr. Stacey Z.

2nd Semester
A - Socials 11, Cameron
B - Theatre Performance, MacLeod. JPaul
C - French 11, Peden
D - CAPP 12, Kaiser