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True, okay, I haven't been acting for very long -- five years -- but what I have done, I'm proud of. I love acting, the stage, whatever. Everything. The whole package. You get to become somebody else and get to live anothers life to see what it's like, and that is so cool. During the summer of 2003 I was in TLT's SDD which was loads of fun and was supervised -- well, our group, anyway -- by Jason Marshall^^ Dawn was there too, yay, and um, that was fun. We did a Pyramus and Thisby play and that was loads fun. I say 'fun' a lot, don't I?


One of the very first plays I did was when I was like in kindergarden and was with a wonderful woman named Robin Simpson, later to be known as Robin Hollet. It was a little play about a momma monkey bringing her baby monkeys out for a picnic. Momma -- played by yours truely -- went to sleep with babyiest monkey and the other stupid monkeys ran off and got eaten by a crocodile. Stupid monkeys.

Play: 45 Minutes from Broadway
Rehersal dates: I don't know. I know I was in grade 7
Performace dates: Iunno. Can't remember.
Role/s: Babs the gangster and a showgirl. I can't remember her name...

Another play I did, which was ALSO with Robin Hollet, was a musical called 45 Minutes from Broadway. It was done in her basement and I went there everyday after school to reherse. I don't remember much of it, only the set and some of the people and that I played a ditsy showgirl and a bitchy gangster. It was fun^^

Play: Shakedown Shakespeare
Rehersal dates: Um... auditions were in either September or October... so September - March 2003 I guess
Performace dates: February 28, 2003 and March 18 was the festival performance.
Role/s: Fool, witch, Regan, servant, witch #3 and something else...

My first biggest play I did was Shakedown Shakespeare in grade 8 or 9, I think it was grade nine, and it was a play directed by Dawn Marshall. We worked about 6 months on it I think and only like 6 of the original cast were in it at the end: Keith Robinson, Mike Besharah, Brendan Kelly, Mary Warner -- who later got Sam's part too -- Brittney Greenwood and me. Everyone else was pulled in later because some of our cast were jerks and never showed up or whatever. A full cast list and their parts:

Keith Robinson


Jay Ross

Mike Besharah
Dishwasher((my slave! MUAHAHAHA!))

Brenan Kelly
King Lear

Mary Warner
Girl in Cafe

Brittney Greenwood

Brooke Lythgoe
Lady Macbeth
Girl in Cafe

Derek Lovell
King Lear's brother ((can't remember his name))

Lewis Van Koughtnet

I have to say that I had A LOT of fun with this play and I wanted it to go on for a long time. We got a four awards for this play:

Best Costumes and Props
Best Set
Best Supporting Actor: Keith Robinson
Best Supporting Actress: Kyla O'Donnell

A pic from our play. L-R:

Mary Warner
Brittney Greenwood
Brenan Kelly

Other pics to come, I just have to find my scrap book with all my SS pics in em!

Play: Cinderella
Rehersal dates: August 2003 - November 2003
Performace dates: November 21, 22 and 23, 2003
Role/s: Morgaine the Fairy

From the TLT website:

"Cinderella Anniversary Production
Don't miss our Anniversary Production of Cinderella at the REM Lee Theatre November 21 and 22. This traditional British Pantomime is a musical/comedy extravaganza, a celebration production to mark TLT’s 50th anniversary and the City of Terrace’s 75th.

There will be 2 evening performances and 1 matinee on the 22nd. Loaded with fun for the whole family, we've included an affordable Cinderella Family Pack in our Season Package selections. Season Packages and tickets are on sale now at our ticket outlet in Uniglobe Courtesy Travel, 4718A Lazelle Avenue."

The first TLT play I did was a British Pantomime of Cinderella directed by Christ Stone. It was a great play and I am SO glad I only had a little part! Everyone in this play was older than me except for Toast, but oh well. And EVERYONE there was SO amazing! Their acting is simply outstanding and I feel so stupid going to rehearse my bits in front of them because I felt so lame. They were so good!

Our director Chris Stone. He's really cool and such a great director.

Our poster^^

Play: Santa's Weird Vacation
Rehersal dates: September - December, 2003
Performace dates: December 13, 2003
Role/s: Liv Tyler

This was TLT's Youth Troupe first play, "Santa's Weird Vacation." It was different then the other plays I'd done, because us -- the kids -- had control of everything. We did everything ourselves. Dawn and Jason were there basically to supervise us and to give us their two cents. We made practically every mistake possible in theatre, and we learned from it. I was so proud after doing that play, because I knew all the work that went into it. The second play we tried to do, "Shakespeare's Ghost," didn't turn out to well. Too big. Ah well, there's always next season!

Play: Jack and the Beanstalk
Rehersal dates: Still going on.
Performace dates: Don't know yet
Role/s: Villager #6. REMEMBER THAT!!!!

This is another play like Cinderella, only Jack and the Beanstalk. I really wanted to do Robin Hood, but eh, whatever. I don't care, I just want to be involved!


OMG, there are a whole bunch of just amazing people out there that have been so great! One of them is Dawn Marshall. I first met Dawn when I wanted to audition for Shakedown Shakespear in grade 9 and then I had drama with her. Then when I was in TLT's SDD 2003 she was there too and then there's the youth TLT and Cinderella that I was in with her. Dawn is such an amazing person and I was crushed when she couldn't come back to teach drama grade 10 year. I was considering dropping out and taking another math course instead. I didn't think I'd be doing any acting right now if it wasn't for Dawn, she's been such a big influence on me. When she started working in Thornhill I was like, "Well, now that she's not working here maybe she'll move?!?" This was in like last summer and I said that if she moved before Cinderelle started I'd quit the play. Just knowing that she wasn't going to be there, like in town, just took away something and I didn't want to act anymore. But she stayed for Cinderella, even for the Youth Troupe play. She left December 19, 2003 for New Zealand. I still keep in close contact with her. I luv Dawn a lot and she's my role model, honestly.

Another person I look up to is Dawn's husband Jason. He's taught me a lot of the things I know now about drama and I admire his acting. He's a really cool guy and I wish he wasn't moving but he is and I'll really miss him :'(


I got a best supporting actress award at the 2003 Highschool Zone Drama Festival that was held in Terrace... ya.

.:.~TLT's SDD 2003~.:.

During the summer of 2003 I was in TLT's SDD -- Terrace Little Theater's Summe Drama Days, which was a BLAST! I met new people, got to play with little kids -- awww!-- and got to spend more time with Dawn and Jason. BONUS!

.:.~Youth TLT~.:.

Okay, Jason was talking to me and he was like, "So, Kyla, how come there's nothing about the youth TLT in your website?" Well, now Jason you have nothing to complain about! :P People in Youth TLT's first season:

Nicole Demers
Charlee Nelson
Caitlin Hurst
Courtney Bogart
Krystal Bellman
Larissa Coburn -- quit
Jay Ross -- quit
John Ottens
Dylan Spence
Kegen Spence
Stacey Zorn -- not aloud to attend
Katherine Wolfdendon -- quit
Rebecca Watts
Emily Ottens
Kori Anna Bracken -- doesn't do jack shit. Oh, and she quit.
Leah Wiffen
Torsten McIntyre -- banned
Amy Hawes -- quit
Allison Bibby -- may as well be invisible
Mark... um... whatever his last name is
Sean somethingorother -- doesn't show
Sandy Watson -- leader person
Ryan Saele -- quit
Jessica Sallenback -- quit
Roxann Jalbert
Kristen Earl -- moved
Callan Williamson

What we are is a TLT group for younger people... it sounds pretty simple, but when you try to explain it to other kids your age they get really confused. But anyway, ya. We put on our own plays that are totally done by us and us alone. The only reason our esteemed leader Sandy is there is to make sure we don't burn down the theater. She just sits on the sidelines and watches. Yup.

Current production in progress: "Save on Less Foods."

Save on Less Foods
Basically, this is 'a day in the life of-' play. We see Stockboy Jim, your average ordinary stockboy, and the life he lives everyday at Save on. We see the wacky customers, including a German, twins who think they're the next James Bond, and a crazy old couple who are always at each other's throats.
I really hope this one gets off the ground, becuase I'm directing it 0.o

Plays we've done:

Santa's Weird Vacation
Santa: John Ottens
Mrs. Clause: Amy Hawes
Elijah Wood: Jay Ross
Liv Tyler: Kyla O'Donnell
Dominic Monoghan: Kegan Spence
Tim Allen: Dylan Spence
Elves: Allison Bibby, Gabe somethingorother, Courtney Bogart, Rebecca Watts