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Jaime-Lee's Poetry

The Hallway Jaimee Lee OíDonnell Copyright 2003

Walk around these halls with me
Do you see the people like you and I?
You see, we all have something in common right now
We all feel the pain inside.

As pure as an innocent white doves wings,
it show when we try to hide it,
take my hand and Iíll help you out
of the crowd that needs to fight this.

This is a high school without a doubt
and it should be teaching respect and fun
never the less I can still see the pain
then upon us, a teenage boy, who cries and brings with him a gun.

Every person in this hall
feels at least some of the pain
some get it harder then others
and with that they go insane.

It is all of us around this place
that made this one boy crack
with this we will have a lesson learned
and realize that pain is a harmful fact.

Bad Morning

Good morning dad, grandma, grandpa
whatís with all the tears?
You havenít heard, your aunt is dead
and with that I struck total fear.

A fear of life in itself
with this painful news I hear
I put down the phone in silence and such
and slowly let go of a tear.

Iím sorry I didnít tell you before,
while you were with your friend
I didnít want to ruin your fun
but the message has now been said.

Dead silence lies in his car
as we slowly drive to our home
I say not a word until we arrive
and he tells me what he said on the phone.

I go to change my clothes
for the funeral which lies ahead,
and we get into the car
to go to the "house for the dead".

I stare at my aunts face and ask myself why
I had to leave like that
Her face is pale white and her eyes shut forever
so I just wait for an answer back.

After the burial we go back home
and I walk through the house and rooms
I call out her name but hear no response
and I cry for the night which pursues.

Days after my aunts death
my momma asked me to move with her
I said yes thinking it would help
but it just hit me like a curse.

I cried while listening to music
which I once happily loved
and I acted all evil outside
like I lost the angels touch.

I never believed I could live this long
I thought pain would take me away
to a place where pain is forever
and where no love could ever stay.

Itís been two years past
yet I still shed the tears
I still canít let you go
for I now have gathered more fears.

I sit in school and cry
as I watch memories in my head
I still feel all the pain I sent
and I will until Iím dead.

You were so kind
and then so sweet
and the pain I caused you
can never be beat.

I am not happy for what I said
I regret it every second
Itís hard for me to love people now
and my heart can not be mended.

You were like my mother
and it hurts me to say
I left you alone as well as myself
on that endless sunny day.

Now look what itís done
I couldnít say goodbye
I couldnít say I love you
and I never apologized.

Rest in peace forever and on
I hope your new life is good
You will be forever missed
and love will with you be stood.

Trapped By: Jaimee lee OíDonnell Copyright 2002

There are many stars upon us
and many souls within
trapped forever in the wound of pain
waiting for happiness to begin.
The life which runs through our veins
is drowning in our blood
and it swallows the mass of pain
until we experience true love.
Trapped like an object in a photograph
as to where we can never move
we will be as that forever
or until the angels can soothe.
So help me now to get them free
as well as you and I
now let everyone be thankful and happy
for we will never again want to sigh.

First Starlight

In every eye I see
I witness the starlight above
and every time I breathe
I see hopelessness and love.

You manipulate me
with all the words you say
you might want to hate me
but I just canít be that way.

If people fall
realize Iím falling with yaíll too
If those are the things you want to call
then I will be here with you.

Just give me the life,
the passion from your heart
so you donít think twice
about knowing where to start.

Lend me out a hand
so I can help your souls
I will do all I can
to fill that empty hole.

With every night I believe
I saw the tears escape my eyes
with every time I bleed
I see the lost souls pass me by.

I realize youíre hurt to
you need someone to help
I have felt the way you do
it seems like there is nothing else.

You can escape the pain
just donít keep it locked up
hide away from the rain
to leave your position of being stuck.

Thereís more in life to come
so seize the moment
for life hasnít even begun
so what you are trying to escape, is sent.

Just find a passion
let it out of you
donít cry in this fashion
donít always feel so blue.

Death By: Jaimee Lee OíDonnell Copyright 2003
My waking eyes alone
watch the cold bodies of the dead
as I rest upon the graves that lie
like dead rocks underneath my head.

The faces are pale and cold like snow
on a cold winterís night I feel
and my energy races like the wind in the night
so I think that this mustnít be real.

The souls are escaping from my torn body which lies
on the pitch black icy street
so I try to move but I feel nothing at all
then I see I am dead like meat.

I was hit by a car and torn up like
paper on this one cold night
I was killed so quick by the blink of an eye
without ever living my life.

Lost Dreams
By: Jaimee Lee OíDonnell

Dreams were cold
and they put me through hell
in my mind I hold
the dreams I try to tell.

Through the night
I cry my tears,
see all my fears,
and in my heart I lie so cold.

I dream life was different
my wishes always show
I dream that things were better
in the life my body holds.

Sometimes I scare myself
with how I treat my life,
I never ever think twice,
I just see my eyes cry.

True dreams can not be told
in a life of all despair
and with the lies I hold
I canít imagine to dare.

A lost loved being
has brought me to a pause
and Iím haunted in my dreams
for the pain that I have caused.

My attempts to let go
shatter in my face
for my dreams make me remember
that day, that time, that place.

Why did I leave?
Why did I scream?
I feared every minute in NJ
You died so quick, and I was so mean.

I never meant what I said,
I was just always so scared,
I knew your death would come
I knew that I couldnít be prepared.

A dream in a dream
is my worst nightmare which comes
for I see all my reasons to cry
from that night which left my sun.

I spy with my tortured eyes
something that wants to kill
so I will never fear the surprise
when I myself become ill.

I was lost
in the changes that were happening
Iíve seen the cost
and now my pain is never ending

If dreams did lie
and they were lost in the river of life
would I now cry
and never see you die.

Lost dreams
lost in the hope for love
lost dreams
lost in the stars above.

I am lost in the river of pain
without you here to guide me
and forever it will rain
until the day my soul leaves this body.

A family of many stories
a life of many tales
falls upon the children now
so that their confusing life almost fails.

Many mistakes have been made,
as many hearts were broken,
and many lives taken away,
from the birth to early to have been spoken.

The same mistakes were made,
in the lives of others around,
and it hurt them deep inside,
but they stayed on the ground.

They dealt with their mistakes,
as should I,
and I will do whatever it takes,
to help my life pass happily by.

I want to be different,
stand out of this crowd,
I can get a great life,
and show my momma what I did and how.

I think to myself
what happens if things go wrong
will I be lying on the street
or will I be in a home, were they say I belong.

People judge by what happened in the past
though they know itís bad
they donít really think they always just act
and thatís why I get so sad.

I will fight for my family
as well as my friends
so if anyone talks crap
you better believe it will end.

Words can harm the body and soul
for Iíve seen the pain given out
but we learn to deal with life
and thatís why I am here now.

I have been saved
by a few people in my life
I care so much about them
so with life I think twice.

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