Good Charlotte's Tattoos

Got all this off of Heather's GC Fansite

Benjis Tattoo's
Left side of his neck:
The Virgin Mary
Throat/Front of Neck:
A "Sacred Heart", which is believed to be the physical heart of Jesus in the Catholic Religion. On each side of his chest:
The GC sparrows, and on each one says the name of his siblings, not Joel.
"PUNX" in 6-inch black letters
Left Shoulder:
"GC" in a circle with Irish flag colors.
Upper Left Arm:
- A knife going through a set of brass knuckles with flames around it.
"PUNX" and "Take It To The Streets" are tattooed beneath it, and "East Coast" is tattooed above it..
- A skull and crossbones.
- A blue nautical star with "Joel" beneath it.
- "Cash"
Left Elbow:
- Spiderweb that he got with Tony from Mest.
- "GC".
- A skull and crossbones.
Lower Left Arm:
- The Last Supper.
- A dagger with two sparrows.
- The world on fire.
- A scroll with text from Revelation 21:1: And I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away"
- The number 21.
- A blue hinge in his elbow.
Right Shoulder:
A crown, and underneath it says "Mom".
Upper Right Arm:
- A blue nautical star with "Benjamin" beneath it.
- An Irish flag.
- A bunny with a cross on its chest.
- What appears to be a wagon
Right Elbow:
A flower surrounding a skull.
Lower Right Arm:
- A graveyard with Jesus standing in it, holding a lamb.
- A guy holding balloons.
- Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'.
Right Knuckles: "MADE".
Left Knuckles: "MAN" and stars on his pinky.
Right Leg (The "Band" Leg):
- PxPx, the MxPx Head logo.
- Minor Threat sheep
- Rancid (as in the band).
- GC (yet again).
- NFG Right Hand:
- A scar tattoo, in between his thumb and forefinger, that he got with his friend Brian.
- the letters "AMC", which are the initials of a close friend. Apparently, it's really personal. Joel has the same tattoo on his right arm.

Joel's Tattoo's
An outline of a star on each one.
Praying hands over his heart, and then "Benji" underneath.
Upper Left Arm:
Left Wrist:
A star with "Truth" above it.
Upper Right Arm:
An Irish flag.
Lower Right Arm:
- His last name, Madden
- Jesus's head
- the letters "AMC", which are the initials of a close friend. Apparently, it's really personal. Benji has the same tattoo on his right hand.
Right Wrist:
A star with "Hope" above it.
Right Leg:
A black dragon.
Ankle (don't know which):
A heart with a shooting star.

Paul's tattoos
Left Wrist:
Two sparrows, holding up a banner that says "Thomas" (his last name).
Left Leg:
Stars going around his calf.
Lower Right Arm:
An elephant from one of Salvador Dali's paintings.
Right Hand:
A heart, between his thumb and his forefinger.

Billy's Tattoos
Left Shoulder:
Two sparrows and a ribbon that says "Mom".
Upper Left Arm:
- A toy soldier.
- A horseshoe with a heart and a star inside.
Left Elbow:
- A nautical star with clouds.
- A pair of flaming dice.
Lower Left Arm:
- 5 stars.
- Jack Skellington skull with crossbones behind it and a spiderweb.
- A spider.
- A sunflower
- a spaceships in clouds
Upper Right Arm:
picture from Silverchairs 'Neon Ballroom'
Lower Right
Arm:A scene from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

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