Richard 'korn499' Pepper
Spongebob Squarepants
I am 11 (at the time) and i am very creative and i play guitar and i have a massive cd collection and my room, i like to call "the zone" is nothing but pictures of korn and slipknot pictures and christmas lights around the top of the room.  I am in 6th grade and i like to hang out with my freinds.
I am interested in music and poetry and my hobbies include, playing guitar, hangin' with freinds and just plain chillin'
my freinds are family are the best!
here is freind list

Marty rea
Gracie Sykes
My mom
Gatlin Blocher
Philip Rhoads
Axl Rose
Chuck Rogan
Dutchs Neely
Carl Anderson
Michael Villereal
Michael Copeland
Tim tittle
Anthony Hollowmen
Michael Olds
and that is it!