Pinoy Book Project
Do you want to write a book, together with about a zillion others?
Our goal: To compile zany, useful, good stuff on Filipino culture, art, and literature.   
Our first ideas:
book title:   
Pinoy Stuff (alternative suggestions are welcome!)

chapters:  - 
opening hit on the consciousness - any thoughts?
                -  FAQs - e.g. who is Epifanio de los Santos? (
Pinoy trivia)
                -  The state of Philippine history (calling on Ambeth Ocampo?)
                -  The Filipino artist hall of fame (describing the greatests)
                -  Search for roots - contributions from those who looked for lost
                      family or loved ones (e.g. Charlie's story)
Terms of engagement (Love, Pinoy style)
Money matters (how Filipinos handle such things)               
Manias and Bubbles on the PSE (stories on how to invest)
Philippine charities (where to give, and why)
Classics - reading list for the literate Pinoy
The color of skin (how we look at race)
Hanep (glossary of cool Pinoy terms of the last 20 yrs.)

Appendix:  - Contributors' e-mail addresses           latest update: 3-5-2003
and related sites

Have any other ideas?
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Call for contributions and suggestions
This is work in progress, and we welcome suggestions and contributions, including anonymous or pseudonymous ones (we identify
contributors by e-mail address).  We believe that the content of this book is the best we can find, regardless of the paper credentials of the contributor.

We will post drafts and possible contributions on the site,  and acknowledge the source.  
We hope you will think of this project and what you think it should contain, and what you feel you can contribute.  Pls. come back and sign the guestbook or e-mail us.