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The Official Website for The One and Only Superstar
Ms Nora Aunor
Click here for a preview. Launching on October 28, 2006
Palanca Winner  Wilfredo O. Pascual Jr. has given us approval to share with everyone his 2004 Palanca First Prize Winner essay, Devotion. Click here to download a copy. Check out Willi's blog by clicking here.

Jojo Devera's
Superstar Chronicles and Sari-Saring Sineng Pinoy

Mandy L. Diaz Jr.(1960 - 2008) - Natatanging Noranian

Nestor de Guzman - Editor, Si Nora Aunor sa mga Noranians
About ICON
I found the Nora Aunor Yahoo group now more known as ICON sometime in August 2002 while looking for information about Nora Aunor. Although I no longer activately post at the site, I'm grateful to have known many Noranians there that contributed materials for our tribute.
ICON Personalities