This Half-Square Triangle block is an ongoing swap

This Half-Square Triangle swap is ongoing.  We are a small group and enjoy swapping blocks among us and sharing ideas, patterns and personal emails.  Some folks don’t know what a Half-Square Triangle (HST) Block is and I nearly always get asked about them.  They are a square made up of two triangles of two different fabrics, usually one light color and one dark.  They don't take a lot of fabric and fill nicely in any quilt, as well as make patterns in and of themselves. 

This is a centralized swap which works as follows:

* New swappers need to sign up by sending an email to:  by the 7th of the month in which you wish to begin participating.

* All blocks will be trimmed to a 3” UNfinished size.

* For each participant, we will swap 2 sets of 4 blocks each per month; this number is subjective as participation changes.  Each month I will let participants know how many sets we need based on either the previous month and/or new members.  Each set will be made using the designated colors on the list.  For example, the color choice for February is RED w/white or cream.  You would choose 2 different reds and 2 different whites or creams, making two red and white pairs.  Of each red/white pair, you’ll make 4 for each person, thereby swapping 8 blocks for each person.  This will allow the participants the flexibility to make pinwheels or other patterns which require 4 of the same block.  If there is only one color listed, blocks will consist of one half VERY LIGHT and one half DARK of that color. Half of the square will always be a neutral/white or a very light shade.

*** Each block MUST be trimmed to 3” square.  I am unable and unwilling to trim and square the blocks for participants.  I will not distribute blocks that are not trimmed as it is unfair to the others who do take the time to square up if they receive those that are not.  I can provide instructions on how to trim/square if you need them, but please don’t skip this step as it would be a waste of time.  If blocks are askew or untrimmed, they will be returned. NO exceptions!

 * There is no need to notify me that you will be sitting out any particular month since this is a 'participation based' swap. In other words, if you do not send any squares in, you will not receive any. However, I do ask that you notify me if you wish to drop out completely.

 * Blocks are due by the 30th of each month and will be swapped out and returned on or around the 4th of the following month.  Any packages not received by the time I sort and swap WILL BE RETURNED UNSWAPPED.

* Blocks are to be mailed to your hostess, Pat. You will receive the address once you are signed up.

* Please place each block set in a ziploc bag or plastic wrap with your name and address in or on it. 

* Place blocks in an envelope along with a SASE. Both the outside envelope and the SASE should bear 3 stamps each.  NO metered SASE!

Fabric Prep Guidlines

* Please use ONLY quality fabrics of 100% cotton which you CANNOT see through. 

* Please wash ALL fabrics in hot water and dry on hot to ensure there will be no color bleeding. There is little that is more disheartening than to put a quilt together and, on the first wash, find that some of the fabrics bled and ruined the quilt.

HINT: A light spray of starch will help get the wrinkles out and will also help the fabrics grip one another as you put them together. To avoid flaking, iron the fabric and spray while hot, then iron over it.

* Please take the time to ensure your work is of the same quality which you would do for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.



·        January:  Blues

·        February:  Pinks & Reds w/WOW or Cream

·        March:  Pastels and soft tones of fresh, 'new growth' colors. Think spring.
·        April:  Stash Buster-Quilter’s choice
·        May:  Birthstone-Make blocks using the color of your birthstone
·        June:  Masculine-fabrics that would delight the dads of this world
·        July:  Antique tones of Red, White, and Blue
·        August:  Plaids w/color coordinated solid or reads solid
·        September:  Batiks w/color on color
·        October:  Stash Busters-Quilter’s choice (No halloween prints, these will be returned.)
·        November:  Harvest--warm, fall colors and prints
·        December:  Holiday prints

Please invite your quilting friends to join us, this is an enjoyable and useful swap. Plus, the more we have, the better variety we will see.

How To’s: 

Everybody has their favorite way of making HSTs, but here is an easy and accurate way:

  • With two 4" squares of fabric facing one another, draw a vertical line down the back, from corner to corner of the lightest colored square.
  • Pin along the drawn line.
  • Stitch a scant 1/4" on each side of the drawn line.
  • Now you will cut along the line you drew, and press towards the darker colored fabric.
  • Using your rotary cutter and a ruler with a 45* angle on it: Place the ruler so the 45* angle falls along the seam line and trim the blocks up to 3".

Sewn this way, each set yields 2 sewn blocks and is very accurate.  In addition to this method is several help aids.  There’s rulers, sewing guides for the machine and paper guides.  Try a few methods and see what you like the most; once you get the hang of it, these blocks fly. 


You may click the link above or copy/paste into your compose page. Please put HST SWAP in the subject line, otherwise your mail might get overlooked.