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Established February 3, 2001
Hello!  My name is Tom Jacobsen, and welcome to my Hard Rock web site.

I started buying HRC pins back in 1988 when I visited my first HRC in New York, where I bought a couple of the no-name guitars and logos.  Then I would pick up a pin or two from every HRC that I would visit on trips.

In August of 1999 is when I started to become a serious collector.  Today, I am a proud member of the Hard Rock Cafe Pin Collector's Club (HRCPCC), have made a lot of friends trading pins all over the world, and my collection has grown from 40 pins in August of '99, to almost 2000.

I like to stick to the "basics" when it comes to collecting.  I like to collect logos, guitars, drumsets, pianos, surfboards, cars and martinis.

Please check out my trader page, and look and see if there is anything that you may be interested in, and drop me a line to make a trade.  Or just drop me a note to say hello.

I look forward to hearing from you!
That's me with my logo collection (it will be some time before I match the Logoholic from Japan!)
(not too many yet!)

Atlantic City, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Las Vegas HRH, Memphis, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington D.C.
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