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07/01/04                         2200Hrs                   Biking Trip Series I   ( NYP )
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This biking expedition consist of 10 people. The whole journey were comprise of few places, Sengkang, Hougang, Ubi, Bedok, Tampines and Pasir Ris. Places visited were the famous Red House, Bedok food centre and the huanted Old Tampinese Road. The whole journey took about 8 hours due to some problems encountered along the way. Problems were one of us could not cycle well, got lost while heading to pasir ris instead we reach simei and  on the way back we got fooled by the road directory as on the map got three route but actual only got 2 route which was leading to the expressway, so we back track and found a alternative route back home. Moral were low as alot of us got tired after reaching Downtown East,we were drenched and exhuasted at that time, some wanted to give up and take cab home, after much discussion at last we decided to perserve on and ride back home.The way back home were so tiring, we took about 2 hrs to reach sengkang, along the way our mind were so determine to go home, we cycled hard despite of the uneven road especially the slope. After reaching sengkang we had our breakfast @ compass point, everyone were so tired. This biking trip will remain in our memories forever as this is the time where we get bonded together, help each other when one encounter problems.Last but not least should thank the hard work done by Mr. Lee Wenhua ( Route Planner + Leader ), Mr Dick Wang ( Transportation Personnel ) and Mr. Er Kim Yong ( Organiser + Camera Man ). without the support of them, things won't happen not to forget friends who support this biking trip.

20/01/04                         2200Hrs                   Biking Trip Series II ( NYP )

29/01/04                         1000Hrs                    Shopping Spree @ Johor Bahru