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CLIMB!On this page you will find information and tips on rock climbing, check out my section on that for McConnel's Mill climbing. Also my friend's climbing page is listed below, this is her version of my articles and our adventures. I have a pretty good guide to McConnel's Mill and a little bit of good first comers information to Cooper's Rocks, I am not terrible experienced with this area, however, my little posted guide is better than nothing. Also It has two suggested links for further reading.

WAKE! On this page, you will find; a survey for wakeboarders and a survey for non wakeboarders, a Wakeboard tutorial which is constantly under works, a bunch of wakeboard pictures for you thefting pleasure, a wakeboard trick list, as complete and desctiptive as i can make it, tour results, and links to other wakeboarding sites and companys. Also on this page are rider profiles of Tina Bessinger, Shaun Murray, Dean Lavelle and Parks Bonifay. On the works are two new rider profiles, Darin Shapiro and Tara Hamilton. The tour results are not done yet, but im working on them as well. Thanks for visiting my page enjoy..

Climbing Pages Other Links
McConnells Mills Climbing Page Wakeboard Page "frames"
Better Bouldering: McConnells Mill
Coopers Rocks and New River Gorge Climbing Finally Works Sara's Climbing & Wakeboarding page
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