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Vancouver Blazers


Founded: Bernard Brown and James Cooper sold the Philadelphia Blazers to Jim Pattison who moved the team to Vancouver.

Vancouver Blazers Board of Directors

After moving the team to the west coast owner Jim Pattison knew he would need a ticket getter like Bobby Hull to attract fans to watch the Blazers over the NHL's Vancouver Canucks. Pattison's target was Boston Bruin Phil Esposito. The team was close several times with Esposito but lost out to the Bruins at the end of the 1974-75 season. The Blazers offered Phil a 5 year deal worth 2.5 million dollars, but instead signed with the Bruins for 1 million dollars also for 5 years. Phil's response to all of this was that the offer by the Blazers was two and a half times bigger, but how much money can you spend.

The Blazers kept the team name which was used in Philadelphia, but unfourtunately lost superstar Andre Lacroix to the New York Golden Blades. Lacroix's linemate Danny Lawson kept with the team while Bryan Campbell and Claude St.Sauveeur helped out offensively. Ex-Bruin John McKenzie signed with the team adding very much needed leadership. The Blazers played terrible the first season, but were only 2 games under .500 during the 1974-75 campaign. Despite the losing records the team faired well attendance wise, but were driven out by an improving Canuck squad. The team knew change was needed and moved to Calgary in may of 1975 being renamed the Calgary Cowboys.

Vancouver Blazers Year-by-Year Year W L T pts. Finish Playoffs 1973-74 27 50 1 55 5th Western None 1974-75 37 39 2 76 4th Canadian None

Other Team Facts


Colors: Yellow, Burnt Orange
  • Vancouver Blazer players fight for the puck against the Alberta Oilers.
  • 1974-75 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Card of Danny Lawson.

    Arena Home Rink- Pacific Coliseum(15,569)
    Attendance Figures (Avg-Total)
  • 1973-74......9,356.......364,903
  • 1974-75......8,014.......312,563
  • 1973-74...John McKenzie, Phil Watson, Andy Bathgate
  • 1974-75...Joe Crozier
    All-Star Representatives
  • 1974...Ralph MacSweyn, Danny Lawson, Bryan Campbell
  • 1975...Don McLeod, Danny Lawson
  • 1973-74...Roanoke Valley Rebels (SHL)
  • 1974-75...Charlotte Checkers (SHL)
    Player Stats
  • Vancouver Blazers 1973-74
  • Vancouver Blazers 1974-75

    Blazers Ron Ward doing a promo for a local men's wear store

    Blazers belle Sandy Villars presents an Autographed Stick to Arthur Whilton during a Blazers Home Game.

    The Century Plaza's Most Valuable Player Award Winner was presented annually with the Trophy shown above.

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