Pipes and Reeds

This page is mostly devoted to music, but if your interest lies in train models, Sci-Fi, computers, TV shows, and Movies.  You might be interested in reading on.
John and Amber are the joint owners of this site.  We plan to have a chat room,
a guest book, on discussions about the above topic's.  John and Amber met at the Halifax International
Tattoo 1999. The Tattoo is not a place or function where you get a tattoo, but is a combination of .......

Favourite Links
Nova Scotia Tattoo -Where John and I met.

Our likes an Links

Music (the pipes) 
Music (Clarinet, Alto. Sax, singing, percussion)
Train Models  
Internet (html -making webpages,
ICQ chat, WBS chat, surffing)
Computer Science 
Sci-Fi (Star Trek, Star Wars)
Mount Royal College
TV Broadcasting
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