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Judy after her surgery
Meaghan, Judy, and Keleigh.  They bought her a big sunshine bear, but you can't really see it,  it was so cute.
This is Judy with her present from Meaghan, not quite sure what it's called, but where you blow up these fake balloons with a straw :) (it's a little man, btw)
Same, but with me instead of Keleigh.
double chin lalala.  Heh, this is  me and Jude with her exciting bubbles.
I'm not sure why I took this picture, I think it was Judy dancing, or swinging her hips, for that was all she could do as far as dancing goes.  :)
OH DEAR!  Memerois huh Jude?  We were shaking from laughter because of the pictures to the left...ahhh those were the days...