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10/28: Holy cow it's been a long time since I've updated! Ok, there is a Sighting that has been in my inbox since August 29th from Goldberry that is finally posted! Also, two Dreams have been posted after sitting in my inbox forever. The link to Dark Days has been updated, and there are more in the Random Facts and Obsession Lists. Also, a new round of the Caption Contest has finally begun! Congratulations to Angela for winning the last round. As you can tell, updates are no longer certain, so please don't get angry if there is a long time with no changes.
Alright, my inbox just went from 98 messages to 33! And about 70% of those 33 are my boyfriend, so I don't have more to do on the site for now! Anyone else happy that I'm 18 now? It doesn't really effect anything, it just makes me happy. My birthday was Tuesday, the 14th. The day itself just really REALLY sucked, but the effects remain for a year so I can enjoy it now instead of then. Yay! Oh, right, the site. Ok, I was getting to that. There are more entries in the Caption Contest, more on the Obesssion List and Random Facts list, and two new Affiliates! Be sure to check out Cydny's Webpage and Into The West! Also, PLEASE stop emailing me and telling me that Random Facts on the pages are wrong. I'm quite aware that many of them are probably wrong. I just post them as I get them; their accuracy is in the hands of the submitter. If you see a particular one that is wrong and can correct is, send me the correction. But please, no more general statements that say nothing more than "a lot of your random facts are wrong." That doesn't help me at all. Thanks!
I think that my inbox is officially empty once more! Now all of the Obsession List, Random Fact, and Sighting updates are where they go! Also, a new round of the Caption Contest has started! Congratulations to Maroozer for winning the last round!
There is a new Affiliate! Be sure to check out Dark Days! Also, there is a new Random Fact. Yay!
Ha! I've been keeping better track of the stuff in my inbox! There are a few entries to the Caption Contest as well as more on the Obsession List. Also, there is another Sighting, and three new Affiliates! Be sure to visit Arwenevenstar.com, Hobbit Land, and The Prancing Pony! But I'll be starting college (Eep!) Monday and very soon I'll be starting my job (at a restaurant...so it sucks really bad) so I will run out of time very soon. I fear that the site will suffer greatly. But we'll see how this goes. Enjoy!
Wow, I haven't updated in a REALLY long time. I've been trying to squeeze as much summer as I can out of this summer vacation. But I finally got nearly all of the 79 emails I had distributed to where they go. I still have a few Dreams and Affiliates to deal with, but I got all of the Random Facts, Obsession List, and updated the Caption Contest. So, have fun!
Sorry that I haven't been keeping track of things on the main page. If you've snooped around a bit you may have found that I've still been updating things like the Random Facts and the Obsession Lists, I just keep forgetting to add it here. But now it's here. There are new things all around and good luck to you finding them.
There are a few new additions to the Sightings page as well as a Random Fact or two. I hope you like them!|
I'm back from vacation (Florida was AWESOME!) and now there is a new round in the Caption Contest! Also, I made a new banner that I've been planning on making for a while now. Yippee!
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