A website portfolio showing my cartoons, I am a working free-lance cartoonist.
Please email me with your cartoon jobs for very good prices. thejeep2000@yahoo.co.uk

My cartoon cards, theres plenty to see on this website...over 100 card jokes like this. Please choose from this website and send your requests to me by email...they will be mounted on coloured card A5 (A4 folded in half)
5 pounds for 4 cards and coloured envelopes sent to you ..
10 pounds for 8 cards..
postage is included in this price. I'll give you my address by email and you can then send a cheque.

For a Birthday/ Wedding/ Anniversary/ Christmas/ Special card designed with a cartoon to your ideas. This will cost roughly 15 pounds. Also with cartoon drawings of the person it is for...the caricatures I draw are simple and fun.
Peter Crouch
You can email me the photo as a JPEG with a description of what you want the person to be doing. Then I can email you the drawing or send it to you by post.

I design and illustrate Business cards
..the card below has a cartoon image which makes it stand out and gets the message over quickly. ...I charge for 150 cards, designed, printed on card for 40.

This image is designed to make you have a more balanced diet...good fun to draw... For posters like this I charge 100.

This is my calendar work I did for Age Concern for the Guildford and Waverley area. It is to inform in a fun way what older people are entitled to in sevices and help. Each month covers a different issues like Warm front grant, Flu jab, C.A.B..etc.. For 12 pictures for a calendar I charged 100 for each drawing.

I've drawn the calendar for 2 years, it has been a big success. The cartoons and the information have highlighted the services and help which has seen a increase of use by the elderly due to this.

See more of my published work

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My new latest cartoons are shown here on my blog.

My Newest cartoon comic strip BILLY BIRD website.....Check it out!
I'm able to draw comic strips for any publication or theme please email me with your job request.

My comic strips Sealia and Cowkid! Check it out!!!

My Dad's paintings For Aug 2004!

My Mr Men web site!

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All my cartoons on this website are copyrighted by me To Peter Gray! Enjoy the website! Have a Happy Time!
Started website in Feb 2003
I live in Guildford Surrey.
I have a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design. The main website is... www.pgcartoons.co.uk