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Every Beano character named!

Started....11th Sept 2003.......

Dennis the Menace... I like David Law and David Sutherlands work the best!
Lord Snooty
Hookey's Bust'Em Book
Clumsy Claude The Blunder Boy
Kat And Kanary
Jenny Penny
Wee Ben Nevis
The Mc Tickles
Ivy the Terrible...Robert Nixon super creation!
Gnashers Tales....Gnasher and Gnipper
Billy Whizz
Go Granny Go (Dennis's)
Rasher (Dennis's pig)
Ball boy
Little Plum
The Bash street kids....Used to be called When the bell rings! My Fav!!Drawn superly by Leo Bax and now by David Sutherland
Baby Face- Finlayson
Roger the Dodger
Minnie the Minx Leo Bax and later drawn by a artist who I like with lots of action by Jim by Super Tom Patterson
The Nibblers
Pup Parade
Biffo the Bear....Dudley D Watkins is the best!!
Tom Dick and Sally
The Three Bears
Billy the Cat and later with Katie
Danny on a Dolphin
For G Giant...A fertalizer that makes things big!! in colour in the centre page in 1962!
The Danger Twins...children detectives a early Billy the Cat and Katie me thinks!!
Colonel Crackpot's Circus...I like this artist later did Billy Whizz!!
Jonah...looked a bit like Plug..Sink any ships!!(Plug is my fav character!)
Freddie Fear
Robbie Rebel...Ken H Harrison
Ricky Granger he laughs at danger
Crazy for Daisy
Calamity James....The Best!!!Tom Patterson
General Jumbo....He became Admiral later on...lots of remote control soldiers!
Ha-Ha Half a page
The Germs Ill David Sutherland a bit Numbskulls!
Les Pretend
Number 13...very creepy monsters
Karate Sid
Big Eggo....Reg Carter..first cover star! Ostrich with meaness
The Yeti with Betty...Robert Nixon
Danny's Nanny
Gordon the Gnome
Fatty Fudge...from Minnie the Minx
Pansy Potter...the strong mans Wonderland (my fav)in Scottish it ryhmns Pansy 'poor' the strong mans 'door'
Have a go Jo
Wee Peem's Magic Pills....Kids and pills not good!!!!
Postie Hastie
Willie's wonder and guns not very good either!!!!
Skinny Flint
Ding Dong Belle...Cow girl sherieff
Sammy's Super rubs anything out!!
The magic lollypops...have a lick and weird things happen!
Buck Tooth...lives in a barrel
Jack Flash...flying boy
Jimmy and his magic this a lot by Dudley D Watkins
The Iron Fish...Sub shaped like fish
Tom Thumb....Dudley D Watkins
Simple Simon
Maxi's Taxi
Get your hair cut..barber
The Cannon ball crackshots
Once upon a time
Red Rory of the eagles
Kat and Kanary
Scrapper....later Lord Snooty's pal
Daniel the Spaniel
Prince Whoopee
Uncle Windbag....tall tales
Big Bazooka...maybe related to Big Eggo
Young Davy Crockett
Jack of Clubs...a boy throwing clubs..very dangerous!!
The Shipwreck Circus..Dudley D Watkins
Nobby the Bobby
The cat that saved nine lives
My pal coal imp
Jacky Daw and Ma and Paw.....Crow family a bit three bearish
Sweet Sue....same artist as Baby Crockett
Musso the Wop he's a bit of a flop...Wartime strip
Swanky lanky liz....later with Lord Snooty
The horse that Jack the iron fish...mechanical..has long extending legs
Doubting Thomas...later Lord Snooty pal
Tin can Tommy and his brother babe....tin robot pals
Mutty the Millionaire
Wonder to read more of these...crazy ideas
2 gun Tommy...Baby Crockett artist