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This is the FIRST comic work published by Jack!
I found a suggested signature in the page below...J.Haddock (J.Edward Oliver!)

It was very short lived this character it had about 5 pages.
(3 in the Dandy annual and 2 in the Dandy comic in 1972!)
Jack wanted it to be called Lazy Hound!

I wonder if the woozy dog snoozy was also boozy!
The dog reminds me of Mastermind's dog Bones...(he was also lazy...Lazy Bones!)

All these pages from From the Dandy Annual 1972!

Jack talks about My Woozy dog Snoozy!

Having at that time just started my series in DISC, I still sent samples of my children's strips to D.C. Thomson in Dundee.

I had a meeting with the editors in their Fleet Street office and they offered me the chance of a short stay in Dundee to see what I could do.
I had to draw the strips in my bed and breakfast room.
To be honest, I wasn't too keen. They had very strict rules: for example, anyone walking had to be moving from left to right!
The lettering was all done by machine. They changed my dialogue and even the title of the strip, from "Lazy Hound" to "My Woozy Dog Snoozy".
I was later told that I had been a victim of office politics. The former editor of The Beano was the one who was keen on my stuff.

This editor had been promoted over his rival, Albert Barnes, the editor of The Dandy. And this Dandy editor resented being ordered to use my work.

Apparently the staff, with whom I'd got on very well, sneaked in the attached strips to the weekly comic while the editor was away.

I think my drawing got a lot better later on! Jack.

Here are my cartoons that appeared in The Dandy,
issues dated 3 April 71 and 10 April 71. The jpegs have come out very yellowy!

Thank you Jack!