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I like his work a lot..... Great at the exaggerated human and animal figure.....bodys, legs and faces..all out of proportion in funny of the girls in Robot Gran looked like a Gorilla with her arms dragging along... also cars...trains...extending out...and wobbling along.. every panel was filled with over the top action......comics should do this more.... comparing my work to his......I like doing exaggerated and over the top ideas but my drawings are simple and rounded.....we can all learn from him.. his work really stood out...... he is a political artist and good at caricatures some of it you can see in Winnie the royal nag..

Ian is a political cartoonist, still working away in Belfast.

Peter, hugely flattered by the attention you give me on your website. If there's anything I can get you let me know.

Unfortunately I.P.C. were not handing back original artwork at the time I left, so I can't pass any of it on to you.

I have stacks of stuff about the local political scene lying around me here but I doubt it would interest you. You can see the kind of stuff I'm producing now on the Irish News website or my weekly T.V. spot on BBC N.Ireland "Hearts and Minds" website.

I had a very pleasant evening last week with Davy Francis who drew for I.P.C. ,John McCrae who draws the odd Spiderman and Will Simpson who has drawn Batman and Judge Dredd in his time.

I remember when I was living in north London I was the only artist who regularly delivered artwork by hand. I was frequently late and tried to skulk in and out without Bob Paynter seeing me. At that time Alf Saporito sat at his drawing board in a cramped corner of the entrance lobby.

I qualified as an architect at Heriot Watt university, Edinburgh in 1969 and worked for Richard Seifert when I first came to London. There wasn't enough drawing involved so I called into the Dog & Duck, Frith St. one lunch hour and managed to persuade some of the animators to give me a job.

Must turn my head to matters political, good luck with your sites, Ian Knox.

Thanks Ian for the background info on yourself and the encouragement. Peter Gray

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