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Thought you might like a copy of the Matrix illustration since you were kind enought to mention it. There were two versions of it - one coloured by me, and the other by my partner, Samantha this is Sam's one, and by popular opinion, the better of the two. Best wishes, Steve


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From the Sunday Times...Funday Times
Super Tony and John Major

Dear Peter, Many thanks for your email. Thanks in particular for your kind comments about my work - always nice to get feedback of any kind in this game. I'm flattered you seem to know most of what I have drawn over the past 20 odd (sometimes VERY odd) years, and you've even managed to jog my memory about some of it...for the life of me, I couldn't recall Brad Break until you mentioned him. I can only imagine you have a house full of comics that you fit everything else around, such is your extensive knowledge of all of these characters drawn by all the various artists. I doubt that I'm worthy of the time and energy you must put into these websites of yours, but I won't try to change your mind...I stopped collecting the comics I've drawn for many years ago (same problem with space), and consequently don't have many reminders about a lot of it. I look forward to what you dig up and display, though I may cringe more than a little at some of the earlier work.

I'll kick off with a photograph that may interest you. It's an old one of me (on the left) talking about pencils (a favourite topic for we scribblers) with Tom (Tam) Paterson, taken (I think) at the Dandy's 50th Birthday party, which dates it around December 1987. I look about 18 in the picture, though I was a good 10 years older than that at the time. I've changed a fair bit since then, and I imagine Tam has too (I haven't seen him in person for a number of years now, but last time we met up, he still looked much the same). The third person in the pencil discussion (if you look very closely, you can see me holding the tool of my trade for Tam to admire) is a fellow artist by the name of Steve Horrocks, who worked briefly in comics before turning to animation, first with Cosgrove Hall, then later with Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks company. I lost touch with him for many years, but bumped into him briefly on the WWW for a chat or two across the ocean. When I last spoke to him, he'd settled in the United States and was still working for Mr Spielberg. Doing very well, he tells me, too! Please feel free to use the picture if you want to, along with anything else you deem fit.

Good luck with your own work. Best wishes, Steve Bright These characters are in fact the editorial staff of the Dandy (or that was the idea - if any of them want to sue me, I'll settle out of court). I don't appear in the story at all because I'm much too modest (ahem!), and besides, the script didn't include me. All of the guys are editorial and not artists, although the geezer with the pencil is a former freelance artist turned editorial (unlike me, who made the reverse move over 20 years ago), and does both. Happy now, Mr T? ;-)
See Steve Bright's work in The Dandy and The Beano today! Steve and Sam are signed on this!!

Janey URL: Comment: Yes, I used to love his daily cartoons in the Daily Record.
5 First Name: Sheldon URL: Comment: Peter, congratulations youve done it again! Another fantastic fan site to a very VERY good artist, and personal favourite of mine, Steve Bright. Id heard alot abot Karate Sid in the Comics UK forum, and it was good to see him finally on this site! Long may it continue! 1