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From the comicsuk.co.uk forum...where Steve Bright chats under a insider name-
Here he is talking about Bad Max...who evolved-

Bad Max's hair has indeed changed - so has mine. Yours probably has too. Time for a new title drawing methinks! Seriously, characters can change in some small ways during their early days, as the artists get 'comfortable' with them, like breaking in new shoes I guess.

I'd like to say I agonised for days over character sketches for Max, but I'm afraid the simple truth is the first time I drew him was on the paper for the opening set. It was all inked in and coloured by the time the Dandy staff saw it, and I took the gamble that they'd like it. Thankfully it paid off, and though the hair and face have changed slightly since those opening episodes, he's the same now as when he started (though I'm now wondering about his wardrobe :-S ). Isn't the 70's look back in vogue?

Bad Max first appeared...well, perhaps one of you out there can tell me? Clues - he looked nothing like he does now, the concept wasn't quite the same, he only appeared once, and it wasn't in the weekly Dandy comic. In fact, the only things that haven't changed are the name and the artist.
Anyone who actually remembers reading his debut appearance will now be in their 20s at least - which means many of you out there, so let's see if anyone can find the first Bad Max.
(I can't find it yet Steve is it Thomson or Fleetway!)

The writing credits go to the wickedly talented and handsome (or so he tells me) Graig Graham on the Dandy editorial staff, with the occasional help from this end. Bad Max is a super new character by Steve...Hmm..I fancy a pepsi after that...a pepsi MAX!

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