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Peter Gray's Terry Bave comic info

Artist- Terry Bave


Hello Peter Gray, I viewed your web site and found it very interesting, and well laid out.
By the way, Mike Lacey was one of my early influences way back in the sixties. I ghosted the 'Tiddlers' in Wham! (1967). I'll try and get some of 'my' history to you soon. Cheers for now, keep up the good work! Terry Bave

I've recieved his history section and have used it to update the website...found out that Terry's first work was Baby Whamster (Wham! 1967) and Baby Smasher (Smash 1967)and in 1970 he created Eager Beavers in Buster

Whizzer and chips 1969 Number 1...karate kid..gingers tum..Aqua-lad ..etc. New Sept 2005

Jimmy Jeckle and master hide Whizzer and chips 1970 New Aug 2005

Tarman from Whizzer and chips 1989 New Aug 2005

Little Saver from Whizzer and chips 1969 New Aug 2005

My Bruvver from Knockout 1971 New Aug 2005

Double Trouble from Buster 1988 New Aug 2005

Police dog and Cat Burglar from Whizzer and chips 1975 New Aug 2005

Ringer Dinger from Whizzer and chips 1970 New Aug 2005

The Slimms from Cor!! 1972 New Aug 2005

New Aug 2005

Toyboy from Whoopee!

Good Guy from Buster!

Ginger Tum from Whizzer and chips!
More added Aug 2005

Me and my shadow from Whizzer and chips!

Odd ball from Whizzer and chips!
More added Aug 2005

Pete's pop-up book from Buster!

Trevor treasure tracker from Whoopee!

Sammy Shrink from Whizzer and chips

Whizzer and chips characters inside cover of annual

Melvyns Mirror from Buster
more added Aug 2005

Andy's Ants from Cor!!

The Figments from Buster!!

Desert Fox

Donovan's Dad from Cor!!


Get a way Ghouls

Imagine from Buster!
More added Aug 2005

Mighty Mouth from Buster!

Barney's Badges from Wow!

All NEW! 24th May 2003......

Willy Worry from Whoopee!

Webster from Whoopee!

The Scareys of St Mary's from Whizzer and chips!
More added Aug 2005

Scaredy cat from Krazy!

I love Terry Bave's work.....His cats and dogs and other animals are brilliantly drawn...
I love it when they laugh!...even the sun has a good laugh!!
Every main character had a weird and wonderful hair style... I like the way each of the comic panel is a different composition and very varied! His wife Shelia is a big support to his work and helps him in his work..

My favourite characters of Terry Bave is the super Odd Ball...I love the way he only has one eye!! I love all Odd Balls bad jokes all done in a original way! Also I like the way Odd Ball who is a red ball.. changes into red objects But still able to fool people...

Toy boy had a real charm to it...he really loved those toys with a passion..the toys looked great fun...I would have loved to have some of those toys!!

Calculator Kid was great...check out Calculator Kids hair style...I always thought that was a hat!!

Recently after buying Whizzer and chips and Buster comics from the Late Eighties and early Nineties I have discovered these other super characters....

Double Trouble was wonderful about those troublesome twins..I bet Terry Bave must of known some twins for his clever observations.....Terry Bave sometimes drew himself in the strip so I think this is close to his heart...I wonder if his children are twins??

Mickey the mouth was super the way he could throw his voice to animals!

I like the pictures on the back of Buster after a reader writes in a idea for a crazy creation in the Imagine series....

Baby Herc in the Dandy is great fun..and a hair style to rival Calculator kid!!!

Terry Bave was working on Sammy Shrink in Smash! in the late 60's by I.P.C.... Fleetway from 1969 to the early 90's!!

Now works for D.C Thomson in the Dandy funsize

Peter Gray

russell URL: russell@realmusic.f9.co.uk Comment: Hi, Terry Bave is alive and well and lives on the Isle of Wight. His e-mail address is terry.bave@cartoons.f9.co.uk All the best (Son of the great Terry)

10 First Name: Rob URL: www.themonkeysbrain.karoo.net Comment: Hiya Pete - I emailed you a while ago when I was trying to track down Terry Baves email address - unfortunately not got it yet but Im still looking. The sites looking good - keep it up - Ill be back again.

12 First Name: Richard URL: www.weirdy-beardy.co.uk Comment: Marvellous site - brought back loads of memories and kept me amused on the night shift!

13 First Name: Colin URL: Comment: Very good, brings back loads of memories of running to the newsagents on a Saturday for the Whizzer & Chips comic.

14 First Name: dogfart URL: djdogfart@.yahoo.co.uk Comment: love terry bave, and leo baxendale, all the greats from the fleetway era. keep up the good work

Odd ball poster from Whizzer and chips 1981

Bertie Bumpkin from Jet 1971

Odd ball 18th year Whizzer and chips 1987

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My cartoon work!

Comics uk website!

Toonhound's Fleetstreet has an excellent website
dedicated to comics/ artists/ characters from Buster, Whizzer and chips, Whoopee!, Wow!, Krazy, School Fun and much more!!
Toonhound covers these characters so far...
Barney's Badges Desert Fox Draculass Good Guy Odd Ball Pete's Pop-up Book Sammy Shrink Scaredy Cat The Slimms Stoker - Ship's Cat Trevor's Treas. Tracker Webster
Toonhound is the inspiration behind this website...

My Mr Men web site!

Started 22nd May 2003...This is a fan site!

The Dandy website!

See Terry Bave's work in the Dandy....Winker Watson...
and his latest the brill Baby Herc! (a very strong baby!)

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This website will show whole pages from the comics! A comment I recieved from Rob

Hi Pete Just surfed into your site while trying to find a contact email address for the great man himself, Terry Bave that is - not God.
I too have been brought up reading the likes of Whizzer and Chips, Buster and, my personal favourite, Whoopee!
All these great comics featured the work of Terry at one time or another and it was Terry's work that encouraged me to start cartooning.
My greatest success was having a cartoon strip printed in Zit Comic for adults (a less popular rival to Viz Comic) and my cult website. At least I think that's what readers call it.
I can see from your cartoons that you have been greatly influenced by Mr Bave too.
If you know of a contact email address for him, please let me know. If not, happy cartooning.
Website: www.themonkeysbrain.karoo.net