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Chiapas USRMSN10

Also the home of skins and textures info

NSDF units and Buildings
ALieN buildings furies and such
Soviet Units and Buildings

October 11 1999

September 11 1998

What the? Is this really happening?

August18th 1998

The Release.

August 10 1998

IRC meeting at ,#battlezone tonight at 12:00 AM EST, 9:00PM PST.

August 5 1998: 77 unit and building skins available here

August 4th 1998

The multi player hack fix is released

Amazing, I have not updated this site for over a year. Suddenly for no apparent reason people are getting back into the skins so i rescued my page from the grips of geocities java branding demon and here they are . three sets of skins and info on how to build them etc. The Chiapas mission is here too but with all the new stuff i hope it still works. BZ2 is coming hopefully they will have an editor so I can waste a bunch more time. shoot me a mail if there is a problem with the files cause i am sure not going to test them out.

Hey! just realized that Battlezone put me on their links list. Excellent. I know I didn't take out the ad popups but I think Geocities is cool. Support them when and if they go public!
Well, this is it the repository of the BZ mission "Chiapas" or "usrmsn10". Download the Skins files to see "How they do" those great tank textures and landscape. Also I'm running a poll, I believe Clinton SHOULD BE IMPEACHED mail me ALEX

Mission one of the Chiapas set is ready to release. I think its unique and I just hope it works! Email me with any problems and I will fix them immediately though I have tested this on a couple machines so it should be good. The story line is different then your used to so check it out on the EZLN HQ page

The Armory had a big update today check it out

We are literally days away from the release of The Chiapas Map set. The editor is just so fun I can't stop fine tuning the missions. I originally built the whole series of missions as one big giant one but I wasn’t happy with the prospect of a 3 meg mission file and the triggers were just not adequate for what I want to do. I really want these missions to be different from the norm and not just a bunch of magic tricks either. With that in mind the first mission takes place during one battle. No Recycler, Factory or Armory just you against the NAFTA backed federales. I purposely ignored the AI because as someone recently said (hey ZEN), its no match for a good player and I don’t think it acts deliberately enough. That means in terms of the missions, its you (the player) against me (the builder). All the units follow specific attack plans and you will (hopefully) notice the difference. Somebody mail me and tell me if the skins are working and if anything is going on. I get the feeling I'm the only one reading this but no skin off my nose

Today's the day! I told you I would. I uploaded all the units and building skins I could find floating on my hard drive. They are all properly aligned and set up to be turned into MAPS. If there are any that are missing (and I know there are) just mail me and tell me which ones you want ill add them and send them off to you. You will of course need Slights bmp2map and dos4gw if you don’t have it already. I split them up but these are still large downloads for you little guy so to you I apologize. The ones that I recommend playing with are the alien buildings. These are by far the biggest objects in the maps and they can be used to make a lot of interesting buildings because they are "generic" in shape. The alien transport is ripe for repainting too. I suppose I should provide a tutorial so here's it is

Tutorial written by Zen

I am really stoked to see so many people getting into making skins for units. Right away when I read on slight's page how to make textures, I knew I wanted to make an entirely new set of textures for an Earthlike map. My Goal was to create battles on the planet Earth with cities and terrain features. It was during this effort that I accidentally painted the texture map for the Turret Tank and then it was all over. It took me about ten hours but I managed to grab all the textures. The problem really has been that people didn't understand how to grab their own despite my attempts to explain. (Im getting my masters in education and I cant seem to explain how to do this properly. How pathetic is that!) So what it comes down to in the spirit of giving it back, is that I need to distribute the textures myself and not just some, but all of them. Thus this page is born. In my opinion you shouldn’t even try to make textures without Adobe photoshop but I understand that this is a high end product and we wouldn’t want to stoop to using a pirate version obtained at now would we?

But Beyond just the skins this site will host the home of the Battlezone EZLN. OR in other words a virtual space for the Zapatista Army of the future. I believe strongly in the cause for which this army is fighting and I hope to educate the BZ community as much as possible. (Or as much as they want to be). I have used the BZ editor to create a map and textures based on the mountanous region of Chiapas which is where tha Zapatistas hail from. I ve also created a timeline and explanation for how and why the Zapatistas become part of the Battlezone world. Sound crazy? Well, no doubt it is, but I feel that this is as good a space as any to create an artistic political statement.



AND SO; With that in mind I will continue to add bits and pieces to the story as the maps are created and I hope that people will join the BZ EZLN. Eventually I would like to form an EZLN regiment for internet play but we'll see, especially with the recent odf problem in multi play this may be questionable.

Please provide me with any feedback you might have about the BZ EZLN. I welcome advice on how the EZLN might operate as a futuristic champion of the poor.

AS I'm sure you can see this page is still evolving so send me a line and tell me what you want to see here