The Tips From Us
    Why is fast food often called junk food?  If you think junk food is really bad for you, then why do so many fast food chains exist around the world?
       The main reason of most people to eat fast food is for convenience.  It can be eaten anywhere, at anytime, and it is both inexpensive and quick.  Some like to have fast food because of its taste.  Although many people may think fast food is bad for their health, they still consume it. Many think that "fast food" means American fast food like fried chicken from KFC, hamburger, cheeseburger, or French fries in McDonald's, etc.
        I do not believe that all fast food that can be quickly served is bad for you.  In Thailand, there is a greater variety and better quality of fast food on offer.  For example, there are a lot of street vendors selling meat on a stick, noodle, fried rice and other prepared food.  These are similar to hamburgers, sandwiches or other things from Europe or America, but they are cheaper than American fast food (such as McDonald?s, KFC, Pizza Hut or Chester Grill) because they are not brand name foods.
         Many people who consume fast food, especially American fast food, often think that it can cause them some health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level or a risk of heart disease or cancer.  Because they normally eat American fast food, they get the same nutrient that has some protein, complex carbohydrate, low fiber and a high level of fat, sugar or salt. So, American fast food is usually called fatty food or salty food.
          You cannot definitely avoid eating fast food even if you are a vegetarian.  Personally, I think fast food can mean a package of crisp, any snack or ice cream or ant food you eat when you are hungry to fill the hole in your stomach, that is not necessary good for you.  Many people realize fatty and salty food is unhealthy for them; however, they still eat it.

         There are some tips I would like to suggest you eating fast food wisely for your health and life.

-Choose the right restaurant.
         You should choose another ethnic restaurant instead of American fast food. For example, restaurant like Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai or other local restaurants because there are some foods in these ethnic restaurants can be served very quickly, and they are not so heavy and unhealthy as American fast food.

-Choose the right food.
          In some cases, people, never grow out of eating American fast food like hamburger and sandwich form.  They remember when they were younger and look for the reassurance for eating something you are familiar with, wherever they travel.  Otherwise, they are very busy and hungry, or in a hurry, and an ethnic restaurant is further form their office than an American fast food restaurant.  Also, ethnic food can be expensive.  These reasons can all cause people choose American fast food.
           You should choose to eat healthy food because there are some healthy food items on the menu in American fast food restaurants, which can be cooked very quickly, and you can take them away to eat anywhere.  Although these restaurants change their menus to satisfy the nutrition-conscious consumer, many fast food joints have adapted healthy choices such as salad, yogurt, etc.

-Avoid eating super size items.
           Generally, when people are very busy and hungry, they do not consider the size of food that they order.  Also, they do not calculate the amount of calories in food before they eat, even though they are standing in a line with a nutrition fact label in front of them.  Therefore, they usually choose a bigger portion, and that means they will get a higher quality of calories and fats.
           As for some suggestions, you should choose a regular or smaller size item because you probably do not want to get too many calories from your meal.  If you want to have more food, you should add salad bars items instead of ordering a bigger size or another food that contains high calories.  As you are very busy and hungry, you want some food to fill the hole in your stomach, don?t you?