Jokers Wild

The Joker's wild/Allen Ludden
95h:1969:sm:pilot from 1969 hosted by allen ludden w/celebritys
The Joker's wild/Jack Barry
249e:1972:gsn:premiere 1st game:susan vs ed
249f:1972:gsn:2nd ep. 1st game:ed vs mary
249g:1972:gsn:4th ep. 1st game:barbara vs ted 1st ever 3-joker win
249h:1972:gsn:5th ep. 1st game:barbara vs bob
250o:1972:gsn:cathy wexler's $13,000+ joker's jackpot win 1st game:cathy vs sophie
61f:1972:gsn:1st game:ernest vs kria maggie brown appears in this ep
67g:1972:gsn:1st game:wendy vs richard
190i:1972:gsn:john vs marilyn joker's jackpot win
190j:1972:gsn:bill vs maryann joker's jackpot win
197b:1972:gsn:3rd ep w/the 1st ever car win 1st game:mary vs tex
197c:1972:gsn:pre-thanksgiving w/joker jackpot win 1st game:bill vs lana
197d:1972:gsn:christmas ep w/santas and scrooges 1st game:susan vs bonus
197e:1972:gsn:last show of 1972 1st game:jackie vs carlos
197f:1973:gsn:3 joker joker jackpot win 1st game:jackie vs chris
273f:1973:gsn:features a VERY HILLARIOUS second game 1st game:ken vs kathryn
273g:1973:gsn:johnny gilbert announces and ken wins his 2nd joker's jackpot
323c:1973:gsn:ed vs karen
323d:1973:gsn:shandel vs mark
323e:1973:gsn:juile vs the devil
323f:1973:gsn:from kids week 1st game:amy vs sean
29b:1975:sm:finale 1st game:fred @ bonus round

Synd 1977-1984
305h:1977:gsn:syndie premiere 1st game:ann vs glen
148h:1977:gsn:ann vs gil has a pyramid style opening
148i:1977:gsn:preminary round of the $50,000 tournament carol vs bob
148j:1977:gsn:the finals to determ the winner of the $50,000 frank vs tom frank wins $50,000
457a:1977:gsn:from kids week 1st game:jamal vs greg
457b:1978:gsn:chuck vs devil
457c:1978:gsn:the machine malfunctions 1st game:joan vs chuck
457d:1978:gsn:mark gluckman makes his first appearance 1st game:tom vs sandy
457e:1978:gsn:mark gluckman vs devil
457f:1978:gsn:mark gluckman wins his 1st car 1st game:mark gluckman vs june
457g:1978:gsn:mark gluckman (at $13,750) vs devil
457h:1978:gsn:jacquline vs devil
457i:1978:gsn:hal sheer wins amazingly 1st game:hal sheer vs kathy
457j:1978:gsn:hal sheer becomes the all-time top winner at the time 1st game:hal sheer vs cathy
323g:1978:gsn:$100,000 tournament finale game:frank vs pat
286i:1978:gsn:jamie vs eric
318j:1979:gsn:$250,000 tournament finale game:frank vs ilene
457k:1979:gsn:eileen jason becomes the longest winning champ at the time 1st game:eileen jason vs nate
457L:1979:gsn:player gets three jokers twice in one day 1st game:dennis vs mandy
457m:1979:gsn:gene vs roxie
457n:1979:gsn:$1M tournament finalist cassandra dooley wins her car 1st game:cassandra vs reed
458a:1980:gsn:wild finish to one game 1st game:paul vs lynn
192a-192h:gsn:1980:the last 8 episodes of the $1,000,000 tournament of champions from 1980
190k:9/82:gsn:art vs peggy amazing win in game 2
06b:1982:gsn:1st game:don @ bonus round
458b:1982:gsn:nancy vs terry
458c:1983:gsn:jim peck fills in 1st game:sherri vs suzanne
458d:1983:gsn:jim peck fills in 1st game:gary vs suzanne
458e:1983:gsn:joe dunn wins his 2nd car 1st game:joe dunn vs mike includes ticket plug
458f:1983:gsn:joe dunn is forced to retire by CBS (?!?) and jack explains why 1st game:natila vs joseph
111q:1983:ob:rebecca vs jane
373c:1983:w/o/c:1st game:frank vs norreen
384f:1984:gsn:mike vs al
111r:1984:ob:this was thought to be Jack's last episode of jokers wild but as we all know it isn't 1st game:victorica vs alice car win

The Joker's wild/Bill Cullen
165k:1984:ob:bill's first episode 1st game:tammy vs bill
165L:1984:w/o/c:howard vs mike home player plays against the devil during the audience game
165m:1985:usa:1st game:ricque vs dave
20c:1985:gsn:1st game:kimberly @ Bonus game
373d:1985:w/o/c:koki vs cyndi
373e:1985:ob:mike vs pete
514a:1985:gsn:player hits the natural triple jackpot twice in one day 1st game:bruce vs janaire
514b:1985:gsn:natural triple jackpot is hit 1st game:deborah vs devil
514c:1985:gsn:stephen vs devil
514d:1985:gsn:player puts a dollar bill back together 1st game:rory vs devil
514e:1985:gsn:$13,250 natural triple jackpot win 1st game:lance vs devil
514f:1985:gsn:a miraculous win 1st game:dave vs randy
514g:1986:gsn:$9650 natiral triple jackpot win 1st game:linda vs devil
514h:1986:gsn:aloma vs john
514i:1986:gsn:jim peck fills in for bill 1st game:paloma vs ben
518c:1986:gsn:jim peck fills in for bill 1st game:brett vs ben
514j:1986:gsn:player stops in the bonus round with only $350 1st game:jim vs beth
514k:1986:gsn:$5950 natural triple jackpot win 1st game:mork vs devil
120h:1986:w/o/c:last ep from 5/86 w/two 3-joker wins in a row 1st game:sheryl vs the devil

The Joker's wild/pat finn
331L:1990:usa:$10,500 joker jackpot win game:donna/christine/raymond
331n:1990:usa:thomas van dyke/carlene/jonathan
331o:1990:usa:$17,500 joker jackpot win game:barney/nigel/thomas van dyke
331r:1991:usa:$36.000 joker jackpot win 1st game:mary @ bonus

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