Patrick Michael Sullivan of Nanaimo was found guilty by the BC Supreme Court of publishing defamation.

Patrick Michael Sullivan of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada was found guilty by the BC Supreme Court of publishing defamation.

Case No. 2008 BCSC 827
Docket No. S42823 (Nanaimo Registry)
[2008] B.C.J. No. 1333
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In this precedent-setting case, the Honorable Mr. Justice Halfyard wrote in his Reasons For Judgment that Sullivan's ".. defamatory statements were numerous and monstrous, outrageous and so extreme that it is difficult to find case precedents that come anywhere close."

The Honorable Mr. Justice Halfyard also wrote of Patrick Michael Sullivan: "I have found that the defendant was, in many instances, indifferent to the truth of the statements he was making. That is malice and that is an aggravating factor. ...."

Paragraph [109] of of the judge's summary also states of Patrick Michael Sullivan:

"In addition to being reckless with the truth, there is much evidence in this case which indicates malice on the part of the defendant. ..."

As a result, the judge awarded damages totaling $179,644.50 against Patrick Michael Sullivan.

The Honourable Court also granted a sweeping injunction against Patrick Michael Sullivan posting more of his lies and defamation, stating "... a permanent injunction is not only justified but required in this case."

The terms of the permanent injunction state that ".... the defendant, by himself, his agents, servants or otherwise be restrained from publishing, or causing to be published, on the internet or by any other method or medium, any defamatory statement referring in any way to the plaintiff, whether by name, pseudonym, address, photograph or other means of identity. The order will prohibit the defendant from publishing or causing to be published any such statement in his own name, in the name of any nick names, pseudonyms, or aliases that he now uses, has used, or may use in the future. The defendant is further prohibited from publishing or causing to be published any such
statement about the plaintiff, anonymously, or in the name of another person."

Patrick Michael Sullivan was also placed under an Order "... requiring the defendant to make all reasonable efforts to remove from the internet, the entirety of any and all of the internet postings that he has published or caused to be published, and which refer to ..." the Plaintiff.

Sullivan was ordered to do so within 60 days of July 15, 2008.

As of today's date (January 15, 2009) Patrick Michael Sullivan has failed to comply with this Order.

Since Patrick Michael Sullivan's libel and defamation still remains on the internet, this page has been updated accordingly in response.

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