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          Soccer's Pitch- The Early Years.

Quietly nestled on the western shores of the Ottawa River and bisected by the Petawawa River is the Town of Petawawa.  First settled by the Algonquin Indians, this scenic 
community in the heart of the Ottawa Valley is a must see for boaters, anglers, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors.  Petawawa is the home to the Canadian Forces Base Petawawa and the Petawawa Falcons Minor Soccer Association.

In 1613, Samuel de Champlain was one of the first Europeans to travel into the Petawawa area in search of a shorter trade route to China.  The first survey for Petawawa Twsp was conducted in 1857.  It was united with Rolph Buchanan Wylie and McKay and Alice Twsp in 1858 before separating on its own in 1865. Developed for its timber, Petawawa grew as wave after wave of Scottish, Irish and later German settlers immigrated to the area.
In 1905, the Military decided to acquire land in the area displacing some settlers, forming what is now CFB Petawawa.  With the development of the Base and the growth of the timber industry, Petawawa continued to grow.  In 1910, Eugene Giesebrecht opened a store and restaurant becoming one of the first Pepsi Cola franchises in Canada in 1934.  In 1961, the Village of Petawawa was incorporated and on July 1, 1997 the Village and Twsp of Petawawa amalgamated to  become the Town of Petawawa.

Minor Soccer first came to Petawawa in 1960, when Drum Major Beasly of CFB Petawawa formed a team comprised of boys aged 10-14 years to compete against neighboring towns.  Due to the overwhelming response from this first year, soccer continued to grow.  Assisted by Dave Kendall, Drum Major Beasly organized further teams, unfortunately in 1965 both gentlemen were posted and soccer became almost non- existant until Dave Kendall's return in 1970.

When Dave Kendall was once again posted in 1974, a couple of soccer enthusiasts, Ron and Beryl Howarth decided to open up registration to the greater Petawawa area, becoming the Club's first President and forming what is commonly known as Petawawa Minor Soccer Association.  In 1978 led by the Club's second President, Stan Wheatley with thanks to the generous financial assistance of the Lion's Club and many local volunteers the the Civic Centre developed it's first soccer field. At the Annual General Meeting of 1980, Club President Stewart Gowans, supported by the Club's members, successfully submitted and approved the Club's first Constitution.

Over the next several years, soccer continued to grow at an alarming rate until the mid 1980's when soccer seemingly disappeared in Petawawa until it's resurrection in 1990 by Club President Kevin Tarrant.

On March 23, 1999, the Petawawa Minor Soccer Association was incorporated as a non-profit organization
Now serving over 750 members the PMSA knows the key to success is dedication, hard work and a solid grasp of the basic skills.  It is for these reasons that we have developed the Grassroots Skills Program. By using this program as a guide, you will be able to monitor your child's soccer development throughout the program.