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14 july
its been a very long
time since this site has
seen an update. hmm.
kyle and brian both got
new amps and we are
discussing the recording
of a 7 song cd, actually
being produced instead
of our unmastered demo
within the next few weeks.
THANKS to all of you who
came to our block party at
seans house, it means so
much to us that you were
there. that was our best
show ever. we hope to
play a show this saturday
at mile high coffee again,
and we are also talking to
some local promotion ppl
about getting some opening
shows at actual venues.
im putting up a few pictures
and hopefully one of the
songs we played live soon.
as for now, expect many
more updates and individual
bios soon! thanks -- brian.

27 april
hey i updated the
bio a little bit because
some people got mis-
informed as to our
style of music?
i also put up a few

25 april
thanks to all the kids
who made it to the show
at mile high coffee on
thursday. sorry we kinda
sucked, all the sound
started bouncing off
the walls and crap so
everything got really
out of control loud.
we're gonna do our
best to make sure that
doesnt happen again.
our next show is prob.
going to be at a prom
afterparty, or something
everything TBA for now.

06 april
hey that show with
so random has been
cancelled because
austin, kyle and jared
are in the musical at
school, and i dont
think hossie was up
for trying to change
the date (go figure)
so were sorry about
that everybody.

31 march
hey all. we have
finally made an ep
demo for all of you
to hear. there are
quite a few mess
ups, but it gives
everyone a good
idea of what we are
all about. heres a song.

22 march
we finally got a
show with our
friends from so
random. its gonna
be may 2nd at
solid grounds in
highlands ranch.
invite all your peeps
this one is gonna rock.

19 march
we are working
hard to get a show
set up with amentia,
out of 10,000, and
so random. donate
a house! contact us.

01 march
listen to this song
about cereal

19 february
the show is getting
nearer as we speak.
check out the shows
section for more details
on the address and
stuff. ending ever after
unfortunately cant play
but the pundits will find
another band.

16 february
hey thanks to the
5 or so people that
came to the pundits
show last night. sorry
we had to play with
the acoustics, next
week we will be back
in full swing with 2
shows with some
great bands.

15 february
hey tonight we're
playing a show with
forever departed and
a few other bands in
Arvada, call us for
more information.
sean has the flu. so
unfortunately we're
gonna have to play

13 february
our battle of the bands
show has been cancelled
due to somebody stealing
all of our money. we are
disappointed, but they
said we'll get our own
show @ the ogden in
about 8 weeks, so alll
of those kids who bought
tickets from us can come
to that one.

27 january
we are gonna be playing
a show at ben's house on
the 7th with marshalls
amazing instrumental
metal band. you should
check back soon or talk
to one of us to find
out directions and
stuff like that. thanks.

14 january
based on change of style
and an overall new goal for
the band, we have decided
to let austin step down as
the lead singer, and now
he will just sing on a few
songs which we think he'll
sound good on. jared will
be doing a lot of the vocal
work from now on. none of
this decision was meant to
be taken personal. it was
for the better of the band.

03 december
we have joined the
growing list of bands
that are gonna play in
the upcoming battle of the
bands in denver. come
see us. oh and by the
way, if you've got a band,
call them up and get on
this list, it should be fun.
(800) 280-1986

02 december
hey fellas we finally
decided that we should
get a website goin since
all our friends have them.
so take a look around and
e-mail us or something
super fun like that

30 november
we finally have a pretty
big sized song list all together
so we're ready to start
playing some shows? i think
we counted about 5 songs
that we want to play live.

24 november
hey thanks to all that
came to heritage's talent
show on friday or saturday
we had a pretty good time,
and hopefully you guys
liked us?

11 november
the transfer formed today,
austin krier on vocals,
kyle murphy on guitar,
brian martin on guitar,
jared brink on vocals and
bass, and sean cowart
on drums. yup.












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