PNG Payraise

A Special Toksave and Greetings From

Your Most Honourable,

Thoughtful & Sacrificial Elected Politicians

of Papua New Guinea



Greetings, Papua New Guinean Citizens and Taxpayers Around the World!

Let Us First Note That We Are All Wantoks!

 We Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Make A Very Big And Important Announcement……...


But First Let Us Pray:

Our Noble Hearts We Ask God To Bless,

For The Citizens We Slave, Working Not A Day Less,

Struggling And Straining To Do What’s Right,

On The Grassroots Behalf, We'll Always Fight,

Fight and Struggle, Seek and Speak,

It Was On Your Behalf,

That We All Did Meet,

A Big Decision We Had to Make,

A Big Decision On How Much To Take,

We're Nearly Ready To See Our Payday’s Luck,

We’ll Load Up On Somares……

While You, Fellow Papua New Guineans, Can Go Get F***d!



 At This Time We Humbly Announce That We Are Ready To Receive Our Pay Increase. This Pay Increase Will Be For All Elected Officials in Papua New Guinea.


Very special thanks goes to Lands MinisterJOHN PUNDARI. He was our Prime Minister’s representative on the Salaries and Remuneration Commission. This Commission made the decision to award pay increases to Members of Parliament, constitutional officeholders, departmental and statutory heads.

We also like to take this opportunity to give special thanks and mark of appreciation to Honourable BERNARD NAROKOBI. He chaired the meeting that okayed our pay increase. While he can reconvene the Salaries & Renumeration Commission (SRC) as the chairperson, we have every hope and belief that he has seen the light, and will not do so. He's the chairperson. He also chaired the meeting that gave the okay. For those who question our dear Chairman's decision on this matter, Mr Narokobi replies that this is a DEAD ISSUE and any complainers should simply shut up because Mr Naroboki WILL NOT RECONSIDER the giant payraise that our elected officials so greatly deserve! As the Most Honourable Philemon Embel states in defense of our payraise, "Hey, most of you already make K60 per fortnight, I'm just sure of it. I don't have any proof but I just have this feeling that all of you are making far more than the minimum wage." THANK YOU HON. MEMBER EMBEL FOR STATING THE CASE SO CLEARLY AND CONVINCINGLY TO THE COMPLAINERS.

Our Old And New Pay Scales Are Shown Below. Please Double Check These Figures With Your Local Member If You Have Any Doubt That The Following Figures Are Correct and Absolutely True. These figures have been published also in the PostCourier:


 The Most Honourable...    The Definitely Inadequate OLD Salary  The Much Better NEW Salary  Percent Increase



 Prime Minister    82,689  165,000  99.5
 Speaker of Parliament    75,625  140,000  85.1
 Deputy Prime Minister    63,851  100,000  56.6
 Opposition Leader    63,851  100,000  56.6
 Government Ministers   47,367  80,000  68.9
 Deputy Speaker    41,715  65,000  57.1
 Deputy Opposition Leader    41,715  65,000  57.1
 Parliamentary Commission Chairman    42,657  60,000  40.7
 Provincial Governors    42,657  60,000  40.7
 Vice Ministers    42,657  60,000  40.7
 Shadow Ministers    35,593  50,000  40.5
 Government Opposition Whips    35,593  50,000  40.5
 Deputy Chairman Pub Acc Committee  



 Public Works Committee  



 Public Works Committee  



 "Ordinary" Members of Parliament  



 Deputy Prov Governors  





As for the more grassrootsy of the elected members, we haven’t forgotten them either

(but notice what their percentage pay rise is):







 Provincial Executive Council Members



 Council Presidents  




Because we believe in Tony Siaguru and Transparency International, we will openly and fairly list, for comparison, the approximate minimum wage right now in Papua New Guinea. Remember, some time back we did away with different urban and rural minimum wages some time back, and settled on a single, lower wage.

Only 15% of our potential working population has any kind of steady job and they can receive an approved minimum wage adding up to approximately K1,200 per year. Let us repeat that figure again: K1,200 PER YEAR. That is more than enough.

The Minimum Wage Board to raise the minimum wage from K1,200 to K3,140 per year was ridiculous, unfortunate and downright outrageous. Can you believe they would do such a thing. Thank God that was rejected by NEC. Please, fellow citizens, think - this request for a wage increase would have let Papua New Guineans make a rock bottom minimum about 10% of what MPs USED to make (not including the various allowances that go on top of wages). Obviously this is entirely too much money for grassroots to make. Such requests cannot be entertained nor tolerated.

Dear citizens and taxpayers of PNG the selfishness behind this request for a pay raise is beyond belief.


"Wokabaut wantaim!

We must cooperate for the sake of PNG!

You should do the work so that

We can get the pay!"



  Unfortunately and with heavy heart we must share with all of you that Selfishness and Greed seem the order of the day In PNG. Certain Selfish and Greedy Fellow Citizens have been making big noise and planti tok nogut against our badly needed pay raise for politicians. It has already been approved, they should just shut their mouths.

In The Interest Of Fairness, However We Will Respond To Such Remarks By These People With Some Facts Of Life That Everyone Should Note And Respect:

 "Its much easier for the grassroots can go back to their land and work to survive the economic downturn. We on the other hand must live in Moresby where it has become much too expensive."

 "MPs simply cannot make ends meet anymore on K30,000 per year, plus the housing, vehicle and staff allowances. It has become an unacceptable hardship for us, we have waited far too long already for this pay raise."

 "The country cannot afford a general wage increase for everyone. The amount of money it will cost for our pay raises is nothing in comparison."

 "We deserve it. We work on behalf of the people day in, day out. We truly are concerned for the little people of PNG. We are always sacrificing for them and we will always make decisions on their best interests."

 "Really this is nothing compared to what Maladina got away with. Why are some people making such a stink?"

"Most of us only have five years to find ways to get rich and buy that property in Brisbane so give us a break!"

"We'll just steal more if we don't get the pay raise we think we deserve"

 "International school fees for our children have gone sky high, and very difficult to afford nowdays."

 "Have you seen how much the cost of a lunch at the Golden Bowl has gone up??"


The Most Respected Mr Jimmy Maladina. A K2+ million one time pay raise bonus for hard work and a job well done! Why can't you work hard like him?
  Please understand we are not heartless. Fellow Papua New Guineans, we will be happy to consider the pay increase request for the rest of you when we see you working harder. Many of us have looked around and noticed a lot of you sitting in the coffee garden or chewing buai in the coconut plantation. You're really not working hard enough we can see that right away. Those of you in the cities are hardly any better, we see too many of you just standing and talking or walking aimlessly around the shopping areas and otherwise not being productive. This is not on and that is one reason why you get no pay raise. Find something useful and productive to do in your lives, as have we elected officials. We set a fine example, better start following it instead of mucking around, doing nothing.

For a start, we should say this. If you want development, you have to work a lot harder than you are at present.

If you mend your ways and work a lot harder, you will see your benefits rise. Only then will our economy be healthy enough to give you your pay raise. Be patient. We simply cannot afford a pay raise for everyone at present. Only a few can benefit now. The pay raise for only elected leaders certainly will not break the bank of PNG it only costs K1.5 million. This is peanuts really.


Remember. Well fed and well taken care of leaders are happy, large and very satisfied leaders.


The elected members of Papua New Guinea, are always pleased to receive your greetings and blessings for a job well done. Please do sign our guest book by clicking below or view the comments already made by clicking below as instructed.

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Please also read the extremely uninformed and stupid comments that one particular newspaper THE NATIONAL says about our elected official pay raise. They somehow doubt that we deserve it. That is typical for a newspaper like THE NATIONAL maybe the elected officials should just have them kicked out of PNG if they continue to criticise.

CLICK BELOW to see THE NATIONAL'S stupid editorial criticising the pay raise for us hardworking MPs

OH YES. We Leaders Haven't Quite Realised That Transparency Starts With We The Leaders. If we aren't transparent, then others won't be either. Some Of Us Think That Transparency Means That We Do Like Bisket Did And Sign An Agreement To Be Transparent, Have A Picture Taken Of What He Did, Then Break Out the Jack Daniels In Celebration. We still have a lot to learn.

Because we are just starting to learn about what transparency is maybe you should help us along a bit. With only a couple exceptions, 100+ of us still aren't publishing our RDF money aquitals in the newspaper like we could so easily do and have been encouraged to. We aren't being to transparent about a lot of things that we could be if we wanted. All it takes is an auditor and publishing the audited results in the newspaper. Minutes of meetings could be published on the internet if not in the newspapers. There are many opportunities for transparency that we just haven't figured out yet. We realise that's not so hard but we just, just can't quite bring ourselves to do it yet! Maybe we need to read the web site below thoroughly and get some advice from those fellows.......




By the way. We are well aware that some of you smart sumatins may try to remove this page off the internet. Please be advised that if you succeed we and our friends will load the pages onto two new free internet servers and so on and so forth. We are proud of our salary increase and will spread it around the globe and all over the internet if necessary.