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Welcome to Rambel Collectibles


Hello all and welcome to Rambel Collectibles.  My name is Paul Nguyen and I am the founder of Rambel Collectibles.  Here you can find all of my items I have for sale and for trade.  I've tried to put together an easy to navigate site but any comments or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Information:

Email: pnguyen_10@yahoo.com

PayPal: same email as above

Ebay id : rambel

If you see something you like on my FT/FS list, please don't hesitate to contact me. I work full-time but I will try to respond to your emails in a very timely manner (within 24 hours).

Want List:

Any game used and/or autograph that peaks my interests.  I love multi-color patches, HOF autographs, cut autographs.  I also love full size items.  I have several in my collection.

I am also looking for certified non-sport autographs ... TV shows, celebrities, etc. that could peak my interest.

No regular inserts or regular numbered cards.  I have too many of those.

About me:

I have been in the trading card business for 18+ years.  I've seen all the latest crazes, from Beanie Babies, Furbies, to Pokemon and YuGiOh.  I am mostly a pack ripper but I have been behind the counter and done a few of the bigger local card shows like Tri-Star. 

My philosophy in this business is "Whatever I trade away, I need to get equal resale value in return!"  I base most of my trade values using Ebay pricing.

For example: I have a Babe Ruth bat card BV $200 but sells on Ebay for $125.  Someone offers me a trade of a card BV also $200, but only sells on Ebay for $75.   I will not do the trade because in the long run, I will come out behind.  This is mainly done for the higher end cards that I have available.   I will not do a trade that consists of trading away one BV $200 for 20 BV $10 cards.  I usually would accept 2-3 cards for a higher end card.

I am not a fan and never will be of Beckett pricing, but for the lower booking cards, I would just trade straight up based on Beckett pricing. It seems to be an easy way to get started for trades.

For Trades, I will start from there but if there is any discrepancy, I always end up online somewhere to do my price comparison.

I am a seller on Ebay with over 1100 feedback.  I usually purchase lots (only game used, RCs, and autographs) from local people. I am currently not buying anything unless it is part of a cash/trade deal. This may change in the future but right now, I have too many items on hand. 

If you purchase anything from me, PayPal is the prefered method.   I ship all my items very neatly packed and surrounded with bubble wrap. I mostly ship items out via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation (sometimes w/ Signature Confirmation depending on the value of the card).







Some Recently Added Cards


Vince Young Red Hot Letterman

2006 Hot Prospects Vince Young Red Hot Rookie Autograph Letterman /25

Abbott and Costello Co-Stars

2008 Donruss Americana II Bud Abbott / Lou Costello Co-Stars DUAL Memorabilia /250


image 1

2006/07 Exquisite Rookie Auto Patches

Sweet Spot Autographs

2008 Sweet Spot Dice-K / David Ortiz Autograph